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"The Haunting of Zios" by xghoul447
An unsettling creak can be heard during nightfall on a local family farm. It wakes up Jackson, a spotted Lupe and the owner of the farm. "What is that?" Jackson wonders and gets up to check. But first, he grabs the materials he needs. An out-of-shape flashlight and a brown-vintage coat. "Honey, where are you going at this time at night?" Asks half-asleep Martha, the Green Lupe. "I have been up all night, thanks to this noise," he replied. Martha sighed. "I think I know why this is happening." "What?" Jackson grasps. Jackson took a pause and asks. "What do you mean?" "This property... is not what you think it is." Martha tells him. "It's um... haunted by the old owner, and every year on September 29th, we are cursed by him in some way..." She grabs a book...

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The Haunting of Zios
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