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New Series

Selected Volumes from Brightvale Library

Sakhmet Tales is a popular book with families all across Neopia — this latest edition includes more folktales from the desert than ever before. Although there are some tales based on historical events, such as the founding of Sakhmet City, the accuracy of these accounts are suspect...

by herdygerdy
Quarry Life

Life for the vast majority of Obsidian Quarry meant keeping their head down and doing the best with the hand they've been dealt. It wasn't much – nothing ever was. But that was all they could expect...

by blueys45
Escape with a Good Book

The month of hunting, 18th day, penned in fine blue ink. A ghost-colored Techo sighs, slumped upon a creaky and well-worn wooden chair...

by homsar_eggplant
The Adventures of Armin

This two-part series is intended as a read-along for the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot. The majority of events and dialogue are taken directly from the HATIC plot comics. Hannah and the Ice Caves was an immensely important part of my childhood. May its legacy live on. :)

by dewdropzz
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How to Maths: The Food Club Edition

What is ROI? What does TER mean? Stephanie interviews Phoenix, the Food Club pro. Food Club, as many Neopians know, is a betting game that runs daily. There are five arenas of four pirates each. Every afternoon, the pirates compete to see who can eat the most. One pirate emerges victorious in each arena. Players bet on the pirates to try and win NP. If a pirate priced at 2:1 wins and you put 1000 NP on him, for example, you win back 2 times of what you bet, in this case 2 x 1000 = 2000 NP.1 If your pirate is priced at 13:1 and he wins, then you get 13000 NP. You can also mix and match pirates from different arenas such that if all of the pirates in your bet win, then you get, for example, 2:1 x 13:1 = 26:1 = 26000 NP. If one or more of the pirates in your bet loses, then you get nothing. Generally, 2:1 pirates win more often than pirates priced at...

Other Stories


Sophie's Leave Me Alone Notice
At the edge of the swamp that is home to Sophie the Swamp Witch, there stands a vine-wreathed sign featuring instructions to leave her alone in bold lettering. Behind the sign, forty pages of bark-like paper unfold like an accordion...

by liouchan


Adventure Bound Xweetok
I'm terrified of heights and the thought of getting lost. If we were to go to Tyrannia this would be our first Adventure together. We would need a lot of supplies!

by bubbles150


How to Maths: The Food Club Edition
What is ROI? What does TER mean? Stephanie interviews Phoenix, the Food Club pro. collaboration with phoenix79

by swordlilly


What is my Pet Reading, Anyway?
My Tuskaninny, Jakester, is always tucked away with a book. By his count, he’s read 204 books at this point, averaging one a month over the 16.5 years he’s been alive - er, existed - so far. That’s pretty good!

by halleycat2235


Wishful Thinking
Today will be the day!

by cherni_chuu


Coltzan's Last Words

by shellshocks

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