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The Maraquan Lutari: An Interview with the Artist!

On Lutari Day of Year 22, the Maraquan Lutari was officially released. If you spent any time on the Neoboards that day, you’d already know that the design was met with massive public approval. Some users had the following to say about the Maraquan Lutari: “I love it! I think the design is amazing”; “My favourite new colour/species combo in a long time”; “I can’t wait to get one”; “Even though they’re a bit harder to customize...

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The Werelupe in Room 453
Allen the Acara meets a mysterious Lupe during his stay at the Cockroach Towers...

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A Shoyru's Quest for a Plushie Paint Brush
The golden light of the tropical sun filtered in through the windows, beaming onto the blue shoyru and kissing him awake...

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Book Reviews & Recommendations: Altador Cup Edition
With the Altador Cup coming up, we thought this would be the perfect time to put together a list of book recommendations about the beautiful land of Altador and the exciting athletic events of the Altador Cup...

by panda_baby150


A strategic guide to Godori
How to excel at Godori!

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Some problems cannot be ignored, it seems.

by hamster_z


Training Woes
Wait a minute... Collaboration with 1337_masta

by therealsparkle8205

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