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"The Lost Tomb of the Old Kingdom:Part Two " by shadowknight_72
The siblings didn't say a word. They were frozen in place, paralyzed. After a tense moment, one of them mustered the courage to speak up. “What—I…I mean, who…are you?” Arthur stammered. The figure just stared at him. Though the bandages concealed most of her face, he could see from small slits in the fabric that he was staring into two wild looking yellow eyes, leering at the Zafara from a distance. “How ignorant you must be to not know who you speak to, child!” the mummy’s voice seethed with anger, “I’ll have you know that I am Rehema! Daughter of King Amit, and rightful ruler of Sakhmet and all the empires of the sands! And you will do well to remember it!” she outstretched her arm, pointing directly at the trio.

Other Stories


The Blumalupe: Creation
Once upon a time, (or three years ago) there was a secret lab under the Neopian Central. The experiments performed in this lab, which was called Neopia Labs, were very important, and had been the subject of many sabotages, including the famous "Lupe Incident" where 20 extremely large Lupes broke out and ravaged Neopia for almost a year before they were captured.

by neotilted


Betrayal in the Snow
No one dares betray Galem Darkhand and Masila. All but one.

by fallingdaybreak


Caves and Corridors Guide: Swinging to a Gold Trophy
Have you ever wanted to swing from vine to vine, dodge poisonous darts, avoid falling boulders, and jump over lava in a quest to collect hidden gems and treasure? Or maybe you’ve always wanted a shiny trophy for your user lookup. Or perhaps you simply want a high score to brag to your Neofriends about. Whatever the reason, Caves and Corridors may be just the perfect game for you!

Also by devotedly

by nayana852


Me! Me! *cough* I meant not me. I’m just singing that song to attract your attention to read my article. It not wrong, right? I once read that in order to get an attention, be it intentionally or unintentionally, you must do something out of the context, should you be embarrassed or not, it is a story for another times. Okay, I lied, that all just me, no one ever said that.

by xlorally


Who's Bad?!
How many potatoes?

Collaboration with kayahtik

by kieselcamper


Surprising Revelations
Surprise! It's Trudy!

(Story by Parody_Ham)

by jesillu

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