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The Other Kau

With Kau Day quickly approaching this 19th Day of Relaxing, I decided it was time to sit down for an interview with a certain Striped Kau that seems to be mostly hidden from the public eye. We've all heard much about Kalora the Kau, of course. We've also spent a lot of time learning about the history of Kauvara, her Uncle Klum, and the rest of her long line of family members that have run our favorite Neopian Magic Shop. But who haven't we heard from? That would be Allita, Kauvara's sister.

Other Stories


I'm Your Biggest Fan
Hyren and his family sat in Exquisite Ambrosia on a warm afternoon in the month of Relaxing, nibbling on tasty food and discussing his favourite topic this time of year—the Altador Cup.

by cosmicfire918


The Birthday Adventure
She said that there was a legend, in which a dragon was captured in a cave. Every year, at this day, the dragon would escape and cause bad things to people around the cave.

by hallie035


A Walk through a Technicolor Dream
This year, a lot of new colours were released and we think some of them were original enough to make it into the Top 10.

Also by centrifugeuse

by itsbah


My 2nd Shovel: An Addendum to “My 1st Shovel”
Maybe your first shovel is getting a little rusty around the edges. Maybe one shovel just isn't enough to meet all of your shovelling needs. This article is for you.

by sunbathr


Go Team Lost Desert!
He's doing his best!

by angel_aura_quartz


Thinking outside the box
Innovation at its finest

by _grizabella_

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