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New Series

Defender Scarlet Shadow in the Deathly Mission: Part One

In Neopia Central, a dark figure in the night dashed across the rooftops of the darkened town. The street lamps provided the only points of light in the darkness, which the figure gave a wide berth. They did not want to be spotted.

by orisasda
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"Quiggles Plus" by edawg202
"What do we do?” said the orange Grundo, "Sloth will soon be here with his evil ship of doom. "We must save our son," said her husband. So he sneaks him onto a freighter (which doesn't take passengers) off of Grundor. An hour after, Sloth arrives and Grundor is no more. When the freighter arrives, the captain finds the baby Grundo eating his turnips. He's furious. He takes the baby with him, to the market in Meridell, then on to the rubbish heap to dump the half eaten turnips and leaves the youngster there. While haphazardly crawling about the disgusting piles of junk, he comes across a blue Quiggle morphing potion. He drinks it, and turns into a Quiggle. The dump keeper finds him, and gives him Samrin to raise. Samrin takes good care of him, raises him as a shepherd, his only other friends being the petpets and the occasional visit from Baby Aibo. He spends much time in the fields, and it is here that he learns The blue Quiggle, who shall be known simply as Ichiban, was becoming known throughout Meridell. Finally, when Ichiban was full grown, Skarl comes to him and says "Ichi, boy, its a great big world. Go out and see it." Skarl then shoves him across the border. After flying for a while, he is looking for a place to spend the night. He looks down, and sees a Blumaroo coming out of a coffin. "I'll keep going," he thinks. Around dawn, weary from flight, he crashes through a window in Neopia Central "Master Niban, there is a blue Quiggle sleeping on the floor. Shall I remove him?" "Wait a minute, Rooves, how'd he get in?" "Through the window." "But we're three stories up. Lets wake him and ask." The Neopian millionaire and his butler move Ichiban to a guest bedroom. He comes to in six hours. "So," Niban asks nonchalantly, "how'd you get here?"

Other Stories


Introspection of the Misunderstood
The sky shines bright blue today, clear enough that you can almost see to the heavens above. From down here, one can only imagine the vastness of space, of what lies beyond, out of reach from all but the most intrepid.

by mucka33


A Mutant's Best Friend
He was so tired of being made a spectacle of. Mutants were so outcast these days...

by yoshisislandbandit


Your Horoscope For The Month of Gathering
A little Altadorian insight for your late summer.

by bizniscorg


Leaves - Don't Just Leave Them!
Autumn is upon us and every self-respecting neohome owner will spend a great deal of their time raking up the fallen leaves. Yes, they'll be gathering leaves in this, the month of Gathering!

by tallydepp


The Grave Danger's Dance Party
It will be fun, they said...

by stake_6


A Little Early
Where do you think you are?

by queen_potema

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