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New Series

Desert Requiem: Part One

She met the zombie who had saved her life sooner than she dared hoped. The meeting took place near sundown, atop the city walls.

by kalnya
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"Tangor's Assistant" by theoriginaltali
There is a shop, a tinkering shop. This is where Neopians of all shapes and sizes go. They take an item, a clock, a thingy-ma-bob and see what Tangor can do with it. He fixes it, cleans it up and make it real nice so you can show your friends it looks brand new and unique once he is done! The line for his workshop is far out the door and from morning to night he has lots of customers galore. They love his imagination and what he can do, just with a few extra pieces or two. He was always busy, and not much time to snooze. Tangor was even a bit lonely too, even though he saw customers every day, they never stay very long. "I need a holiday, a break from work. A rest would be nice... but what about my shop? I can't close it while I'm gone can I?" Tangor said while thinking of ways he could escape to even just his bed! "Ahah!" He exclaimed, "I know just what to do! I will hire an Assistant to work here too!" That was just what he needed, someone to help with the work load and share his passion for tinkering and maybe be his friend too. So with the great idea in mind, he called up the Faeries over at the Employment Agency to advertise a job vacancy for him. Someone who loves tinkering and has imaginative ideas for toys. "This is great! They will advertise the job and recruit and interview for me, so now I can keep being a busy-bee" he said.

Other Stories


Old Lupe Balthazar
How had it come to this? Balthazar thought as he scraped the dried pumpkin off of his fence. A few years ago, he would have chased those pets off of his lawn without a second thought.

by gumgum101230


Nice Guys Finish First
Neopians from all lands compete to become the Altador Champion. Although, Aero knew all about the cup, he never really thought of participating. Everyone was excited, they couldn't wait to choose their teams. Aero, couldn't wait to read the article in the Neopian Times about it. Then the thought crossed his mind, "What if I played this year?"

by extreme_butterfly


A Foster's Perspective
Due to its popularity, I decided to make a follow up piece, this time focusing on the fosters adopting out a pet instead of the adoptees. After conducting several surveys, I compiled the results and took the answers of three users who have experience in adopting out pets.

by dragondancer007


Secrets of Yooyuball: Trials of a Trade
A player trade can bring salvation to an Altador Cup team or doom it to the dregs of last place. As anyone knows after eleven years of fevered competition, team loyalty is a big deal out in the audience, and conflicting emotions run high when a treasured star is traded to another team.

by sasaki_kyomi


Totally Random Random Contest
Always read the rules...

by carrotbreath


How Not to Journalism
Tobias is gonna cut his losses and ignore that.

Also by minnesotan

by rooftopchicken

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