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New Series

The Vine of Destiny: Book 1, The Apprentice Pirates: Part One

“By Fyora…” Jacques gasped, “Who would be crazy enough to sail a dinghy in the middle of the Maraquan Circle?!” “Somebody who doesn’t know the first thing about the sea would be my guess.” Garin replied as he looked through a spyglass and spotted a pair of Neopian girls clinging to the mast of their dinghy as it was tossed by the waves.

by teamchao466
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"Chaos in the Space Station" by lilawildflower
Flower, a red Ixi, dodged wheels of cheese rolling down the Meridell hillside. An overly confidant Gelert waved hello, and tripped over a big rock jutting out of the ground.But Flower barely even saw him. She had fallen asleep under a bush and was nearly trampled by a runaway wheel of licorice cheese. A loud bang of the front door being slammed echoed in the eventide Zafaras’ long ears. Looking up from his book, Illusens Ixi, Sparkle saw a tall boy with black hair dragging his inventory bag down the hall behind him. “Hey, Mat. What’s up?” “Nothing. Found some stuff for the kitchen. Tell Splat I’ll take her to the Space Station when I’m done.” “Hey, Splat! Did you hear that?” “Yep!” Splat called from the next room. “Why did you name her Splat, anyway?” Sparkle asked. “Wouldn’t Splash have been a better name for a pet painted water?” “Not when they slip.” The boy snickered, disappearing into the kitchen. Sparkle shrugged and went back to reading. Soon the only sound to be heard was of the clock ticking. Sparkle’s book disappeared in a flash of purple smoke. He choosing another when he had just sat down to read when he heard a loud swish-thump. Looking up he saw Splat, a water Usul, slide across the floor. Soon as she stopped she hopped up, ran a little way, and slid again. Suddenly Mat burst out of the kitchen. “I’m done! Come on, Splat, let’s go!” “Yay!” Splat shouted, doing flips to the front door before slipping on the floor wi

Other Stories


Off To The Races
All neopets are taught to never give up, no matter how impossible something may seem. This is the story of Tessa, the Uni who wouldn’t let anything get in the way of her dreams.

by she_chose_love


My Wandering Lady – A Faerie Tale
A large fire burned in the gypsy camp tonight. Around it sat a ring of Neopets. Not gypsies, these. No, they were Meridell locals who had come from all the lands 'round about. For tonight was a special night. Tonight, the Teller of Tales would tell the story of the Wandering Lady.

by reiqua


Put Your Party Pants On: TVD
Tyrannian Victory Day is upon us once again, and you know what that means, a 24-hour long PARTY! But what does one wear to a Tyrannian Victory Day party, you ask? Wonder no more because I am here to help.

by oreo2135


102 New Things To Do In Neopia
There comes a time in the life of every Neopian when they simply become bored. Bored. Such a terrible word, am I right? Well, I’m here to give you a bunch of things to do so you can get over that boredom or avoid it completely.

by dunefurandlilypelt


My Pet Rojel's Never Ending Career Advice
She never stops at nothing!

by natlain


Even Aethia Has Those Days
Poor Battle Faerie...

by scechoi

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