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New Series

Eye of the Crokabek: Part One

Tim stepped out of the dark tunnel. The reddish glow of Moltara city greeted his eyes. As usual, there was a hum of whirring and puffing machinery. The city was alive with 'pets going about their daily business. And yet, something seemed different today.

by reiqua
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"Voyage of the Haunted Canoe" by newenglandquizzer
Water swished gently against the hull of their little canoe. In daylight, the canoe glinted a deep red, but in the dark it seemed more like dried blood. Greebles peeped and Flightning Bugs buzzed out of sight on the riverbanks. The scene seemed peaceful enough, but not all the occupants of the canoe were so sure. “I still don’t really like this,” Shale hissed. The White Grundo gripped her paddle much tighter than she really needed. Even if her fingers weren’t white already, no one would be able to see her white knuckles through the slim-fitting gloves she wore. Her campmate, Lia, piped up behind her. “Neither am I—but mostly because I’m definitely the lightest out of all of us, which means I should be up front.” The Yellow Usul huffed. “Our weight load is unbalanced and it’s slowing us down.” “Quit it!” the third pet said, a Starry Cybunny. “I am fluffy. I barely weigh more than you. Besides, you can’t do this.” She turned and flashed a beam of light from the star on her forehead. Shale and Lia both squeaked and flailed their paws, trying to cover their eyes. Shale nearly dropped her paddle in her surprise. “Ouch! Bo!” Lia said. “Cease and desist, that’s far too bright!” Bo turned back to her position at the very front of the canoe, where she used her forehead flashlight to scope out the water ahead of them. “That’s what I thought. Now quit whining!” The Cybunny squinted. Ahead, wisps of white mist had begun to gather over the water, and the canoe headed right for it. “Looks like some fog is rolling in, girls…”

Other Stories


Purple and Orange
Pecka was lonely. And while this wasn’t an unusual experience, the fact that it was raining did not help. Everybody was gone.

by meadows_lark


The Kadoatery - Not So Bad!
Pretty Kitty is the name, and let me start by asking you if I’m simply the cutest Kadoatie you’ve ever seen? What do you mean that you’re more of a “Warf” kind of neopian? Nevermind

Also by button04_nice

by pandacat838


Baby Care on a Budget
This guide will share some of the best baby foods and products so you can keep your baby plump and groomed with plenty of neopoints left over for pampering.

by _d_o_g_


Temporary Relief: Suggestions for Your Sick Neopet
Trips to the Healing Springs and purchasing the remedy to your ‘Pet’s illness from the Pharmacy or other users’ shops are proven to be 100 percent effective, but what could you do with your (insert species of your sick ‘Pet) when it seems like the rest of Neopia knows of their less-than-ideal health?

by peacelovebliss


Home Sweet Home
I hate it when I'm just walking home and...

by ketchup547


Why Kads Pend Forever -- Epilogue
What are they so upset for?

Also by murillion.

by shadowlugia_92

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