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New Series

Fire-Born: Part One

Vineti walked along the little forest path, humming to herself as she went. Eventually the trees in front of her parted and she came across her owner, a human girl named Lina. Lina looked up from the book she was reading, startled.

by goodsigns
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"Bargains Lost and Bargains Made" by scarletspindle
The first thing Matra tasted when she woke was salt. It was caked in her fur, crusted white runnels making lines down the backs of her paws. The Island Zafara groaned and tried to stand. It was no good. She stared at the wood floor that was inches from her face and felt like she was going to sick up. Everything was rocking so violently. There was a deep chuckle above her. “Awake, eh? Welcome aboard lass.” She looked up, spasms running through the muscles in her neck with the effort, and saw, backlit by the sun, the silhouette of a very proud looking Pirate Krawk. He reached a hand down towards her but she didn’t take it. Everything was flooding back to her. Last night. The fire. Her trading vessel. The pirate attack. Matra groaned and buried her head as far down into her paws as she could manage. This had to be a dream, a terrible, terrible dream. When she opened her eyes the Krawk was still there, looking down at her with what appeared to be concern sliding across his reptilian face.

Other Stories


A Day in the Life of a Sewer Surfer
The clinking of the pipes fitting together was comforting to Matt, the Neopian Central Sewer Systems Engineer Wocky. For the past several years, he had been in charge of fixing the broken pipes that flooded Neopia Central back in Year Four.

Also by tanner_73

by iciclefaerie05


Nowhere To Go But Up
It was in the middle of the night when Baby blue JubJub Claire woke up, scared and alone in the Haunted Woods. All she could see in the distance, was a sign saying "Edna's Tower". Confused as to how she wound up there, she proceeded to slowly tip-toe towards the large castle. Glowing with green, it seemed to be the safest place around.

by taravdr


Backpacking On A Budget - Part 5
We’ve reached the final part of this series and so have now covered the basics of backpacking on a budget as well as a suggested route around the various realms of Neopia. As the last article ended in Krawk Island the next land I recommend you visit is Faerieland.

by equinewhispers


Catch Up on Autumn Reading with the Library Faerie!
With cooler weather quickly approaching, many Neopians will soon find themselves wanting to curl up in their cozy Neohomes with a Hot Cup of Borovan and a good book. And that, my friends, is why a chat with the Library Faerie ls long overdue!

by a_ramsell


Fur Troubles
Oh no, not again...

by sara1elo


Detective Alisha Reactions

Also by wuv_shadow

by roxanna203

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