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New Series

Faerie Wings III: The Nightmare of Dreamland

She took a step back and accidentally bumped into another faerie, whose breath was as cold as frost.

by downrightdude
Mother's Balloon

She jumped for it... That was the day Reyela's life changed.

by dewdropzz
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While The NT Was Gone

While the Neopian Times had a break in circulation these past few months, Neopians everywhere were left feeling slightly out of touch with their fellow players. Some turned to idleness and despair, while others (notably, the co-authors of this article) tried to fill the void in their artistic lives by pursuing other avenues of expression.

Other Stories


Super Secret Club: Nightmare Cousins
It takes them a moment to realise that there is no shout of excitement as they make their entrance, or the sound of tiny feet on the path, racing out to meet them. Something must be very wrong.

by xpninja


I'm Actually Scared of Heights
"I want to see you fly."

by cervidummy


The Top 10 Active Community Sites in Neopia
Grab some tea and have a seat while you read. Possibly gather some new inspiration or improve your account as you browse the list.

by cheese_louise


The Fortunes You Didn’t Know You Had
You could be a neomillionaire! That’s right—you! You might just not know it yet.

by yellowpagebeatdown


Detective Alisha: Sparky is Missing! Part 3
What in the Freaky Factory is going on?

by roxanna203


The Aftermath of Warf Rescue Team
Arf arf

Idea by button04_nice

by pandacat838

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