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New Series

A Queen's Ascension: Part One

It was another gloriously scorching day in the Lost Desert, the temperature reaching almost record heights, and there wasn't a cloud in the beautiful blue sky...

by dudeiloled
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"Commodore Rigney Birkin and the Lava Tunnel Pirates" by pillsi
Your stories of daring adventures and races from gigantic monsters seemed incomparable and provided you the fame and recognition you thoroughly believe you have deserved since childhood. This changed for you, however, one afternoon as you strolled through Moltara...

Other Stories


Friday: 196 Dubloons Left
It was another gorgeous Friday morning in Warf Wharf and the one-legged shopkeeper of Krawk Island Nippers had just turned the welcome sign on...

by vanquishee


The Great Pink War
"Pink? What a girly color!"

by dragonusagi


What to Do When You're Restock Banned
Most restockers have been there. You sit there refreshing the page desperately, only to discover that every shop is simply out of stock.

by terabithian


Top 20 Delectable Delicacies and Why You Need Them
The professionals at AH International have sampled every worthy food available and will take you through the best of the best and where to find them.

by asparagushead


The Unforgotten Shore
Something has happened!

Also by sarah2396

by bha288


The Floating Islanders: The Vandagyre
Then again you could apply this to anything.

by yankeesrule244444456

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