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New Series

The Lost Child: Part One

"Mother, may we please go to the park?" Zachary, one of the eight-year-old Gelert twins, asked Nisha.

by 77thbigby
Run on The Neopoint: Part One

They say the neopoint keeps Neopia running.

by rider_galbatorix
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"A Lost Bruce in the Lost Desert" by magicmango33
It was a scorching hot day in the Lost Desert, a sacred land filled with ancient cities and heaps of sand. The sun blazed mercilessly in the clear sky, casting harmful rays of burning light onto the ground. It would be a nightmare to be in the sand on that day. Unfortunately, a blue Bruce had gotten...

Other Stories


The Gallery Keeper
The best day of my life began at the pound.

by pixiegirl667


The Birthday Aisha
My name is Sweete, and I'm a baby Aisha. Well, the Birthday Aisha, to be exact.

by sushicat1__20


The Kadoatery: New Time System Explanation
I am here today to explain to you the new time system.

by vitorplemes


Can You Make A Million In A Month?
I wanted to see if the premise was flawed, or whether it actually was possible to make a million neopoints in one month.

by swimmingstar01


Heroes Have Got Style
They can be fabulous too!

by saudadesdagripe


Avatar Problems: Brightvale
So close...

by khakio_21

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