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New Series

Backhand: Part One

"Oh my gosh, you're so sensitive, Jules. I'm just kidding!"

by kacheekkirby
Tales From Number Five: Origins of the Sway - Part One

The Darigan Citadel. Those three words are enough to strike fear into the hearts of many Neopians.

by rider_galbatorix
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"Misadventures of a Neopian Times Reporter XVII" by kristykimmy
I looked up in alarm as a hand slapped down on my desk with such force that several items on it fell over. I found myself face to face with my beloved Faerie Cybunny, who was glaring less than lovingly at me. "What in Fyora's magical name were you thinking buying Yanli a Zafara Double Agent costume?"

Other Stories


The Draik and the Clothing Shop
Druyanava looked longingly at the windows of clothes while she walked past Unis Clothing Shop...

by star138


The Search for Dr_Death
It was just another morning in the Pound, or so anyone thought.

by chloemich99


All You Need To Know About Flotato
For those of us who are a little confused by the sudden popularity and ubiquitousness of the previously quite unremarkable fruit...

by dennykins


No Yooyu For You: A Guide To Petpets in Yooyuball
Don't you wish that you could play Yooyuball year round? You could, if only you could afford a Yooyu.

by goodsigns


The Dark Star: Part IV
Introducing Kinzel, the pilot!

by the_shii


Wing Shopping
That's one way for a grey faerie to get new wings.

by aneita_t

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