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New Series

The Merchant's Mayhem: Part One

"Someone cast the anchor!"

"Wait a second. Did I hear that right? Cast the anchor? We just left port!"

by crazy_4_sushi

The Quest to Rescue Baelia: Part One

A thin line of smoke from the chimney rose up through the snowflakes gently falling from the grey sky above. Inside the hut sat two figures huddled together near the fire.

by leonieke
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"An Unexpected Customer" by kadface
The chairs were still upturned upon most of the tables. Approaching each in turn Stana righted them, placing them carefully under. They were red, like the tables, with peeling paint and were comfortably worn in the seat. They really ought to think about getting cushions for them someday. Presently, there was a tinkle of a bell, followed by a sudden rush of cold air as the door to the café opened...

Other Stories


As You Were
She flew because she could. There was a part of her, not quite a memory, that knew what it was like not to have wings.

by squeak13


Trying to Out Cheat a Cheater
Panicking was not an option.

by primeanya


Five Easy to Feed Neopets
These pets' eating habits really make them stand out!

by doomdesire5


Top Thirteen Grey Items
Aww, feeling blue, my friend? Well, then you're doing it wrong, today is all about being grey!

by happytimewithmilk


The Overly Ambitious Kacheek III
Misadventures of one very ambitious chocolate Kacheek!

by meghaanlee


The Group of Silly
Only the best for Grey Day.

by my_littlle_cheeka

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