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New Series

Visions: Journey to Shenkuu - Part One

The Kyrii slipped into the empty street, looking at all the closed shops lined up in a row...

by yotoll
A Darker Shade: Part One

"It's not my fault you're a badly named puke-yellow Aisha."

by goodsigns
A Tale of Two Acaras: Part One

He had everything he could ever need in all of Faerieland, from the gourmet foods set upon his silverware to the endless toys in his gigantic bedroom. Everyone agreed he was indeed blessed by the faeries...

by secant
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"The Making of a Star: "Wizard" Windelle" by alex313
A young blue Ixi made his way down the dirt lanes of Meridell, on the lookout for vendors selling cheap food. As he passed by Ye Olde Petpets, he noticed something unusual. A small Techo, only five or six years old, was huddled in the petpet pen, asleep. The Techo was thin and scrawny; his dirty clothing was in tatters. His white skin was so stained with dirt that its colour could barely be discerned...

Other Stories


Refracted Hope
Oh, sweet Fyora, this wasn't a newbie at all. This was a returning owner starting anew...

by chierii


A Brother from Another Mother
"I'm not a Gelert!" Fenrris panted behind him. "I can't run that fast!"

by katiepfeil


Neopia's Heroes and Villains - Get that Look!
Every pet has a favorite hero or villain: a faerie or neopet that they idolize or aspire to. What better way is there to show their appreciation of that person than to follow their fashion?

by marthaandseal


Back From Hiatus: An Old User's Guide to Returning
Hello there, and welcome back to Neopia if you've taken a break!

by ebjrv


Ghalactic asks the question on everybody's mind.

by snuffie


Neo Events - Yooyuball Power-Up Woes

by ilovepuppies31

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