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New Series

Flying High: Part One

"I wish we could all be Cloud-chasers too, just like in the book," she whispered, keeping her eyes fixed on the star.

by bugsypal9
Faeries: Before the Fame - Part One

Fyora drummed her fingers on her desk as she waited for her class to start. Teaching new faeries was her favourite task...

by a_greenparrot
The Cost of Loyalty: Part One

"You won't like what I have to say, Your Highness."

by precious_katuch14
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"Color Blind" by devil2425
Almost everyone in the room was painted, and the only three who weren't were clumped together in a corner of the back of the classroom. It set my head to thinking, and I looked down at myself. I saw immediately what was wrong; I just didn't fit in...

Other Stories


How Hoban Got His Hat
"Lin, I'm not sure this is the best idea..."

by x__guiltypleasure


Monochromatic Paradise
A guard, breathing heavily, burst into the royal dining room. "Your Majesty," he gasped between breaths, "we have a situation."

by tippertot


Key Quest Horror: How to Survive a Super Key Grabber
Every Keyquester's greatest joy is finding themselves with this elusive Power-Up. It is also their greatest nightmare to be on the opposite side...

by dragonoftheseas2


Altador Cup IV: Which Team is Right for You?
There's a team for everyone.

by niddyz


Light House Life
Step right up.

by louishooper


I thought you were a carnivore.

by ssjelitegirl

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