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New Series

Petpet Adventures: Reunited - Part One

When she finally came to join them again, she heard a name she was hoping never to hear again. "Malei?" she said. "What about him?"

by rachelindea
Money: Part One

That's the excuse my owner always has, whenever I ask for anything. There's not enough money. We're out of our weekly allowance. It's too expensive...

by icegirl_sara
The Road to Pyramid Parade: Part One

She was excited. This was the day they would finally move to the Lost Desert. She had dreamed of it all her life, and now it was finally happening...

by kirsche474
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Neoschool Know-It-Alls

That's right. You know they exist! You've seen Sarah, that stuck-up Zafara who runs the Help Desk, right? And what about AAA, that Blumaroo who brags to the point of physical pain? Let's not forget Lisha, that brainy little kid who tries to hog Jeran all to herself, to the wrath of many a fangirl. So, I'm sure you're now asking yourself, 'how will I ever keep myself from seeming to be a know-it-all?' A very good question indeed! However, not all of you readers out there need to worry about being seen as a know-it-all in Neoschool...

Other Stories


The Joy of Writing
Mrs. Owen looked at her students filing in her classroom and sliding into their seats. Some were carrying just a notebook and pencil...

by jdb1984


Eating Fool's Day Game Night
"I've been thinking about your request for a game night, Pete. It's an excellent idea..."

by shamboo5


Choosing the Right Class for Your Neopet
How much homework will each class give? How difficult is each class? This guide will cover some of the more advanced information you should take into consideration...

by ffamran


Neoschool: The Space Conundrum
While educating all of Neopia is a wonderful and noble plan, a question of how all of these Pets will fit into Neoschool rises into the mind.

by taipeiss


A Neopian History Lesson: Lupes and Chias
Out shopping.

Written by jrtluver1994

by doggybells


Shopkeepers at War
And this is why the Health Food Store isn't placed next to the Pharmacy...

by lolly_happy

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