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Is the collection of user information without their consent against the rules of Neopets? There is an effort to collect and aggregate the data of traded pets on the Pound Chat (PC) by a group of users. As this data collection process does not obtain the consent of those users who are unaware that in posting on the PC their information is being gathered, does this project contravene not only the rules of Neopets, but a general standard of intra-user goodwill? Please advise on this situation, as it is very serious and concerning to many who frequent the PC. If you publish this question, please remove my username. Thank you. ~~anonymous
This could be a serious issue and although the intentions on this page are probably good, it could cause some members stress as well. So, if someone does not want to be listed there or have their pet listed there they should be able to write to the petpage owner and ask to have that removed.

Hello dear neostaff! In early March 2009, you released an item called Springtime Fyora Paper Doll Set. I noticed when it came out that there was a typo in the item description - the item description reads "Dress up Fyora with this sprintime paper doll set." It should presumably read Springtime. I've checked back every so often wondering when it would be fixed... but as it's now been over a decade I thought it was time to tell you! Please fix this =) Thank you!~~kittenkitten333
Donny has gone ahead and changed it thanks!

Hello! I just wanted to know what happened to this year's Faerie Quests Event? There's been one every year in the late Winter or Spring since 2011, and I look forward to it every year. I know you've been busy with the site conversion, but could you tell us whether there's going to be one this year? Thank you! ~~fishywoman
Yes there will be one, we are hoping for later this year!

Is the Random Contest going to be open for submissions soon?I really want to enter in it!~~clovertheperidot
We actually do want to have another one in a few months so keep your eyes out!

Hi TNT, thank you for the sunflower kau set, its so cute! Can you please, please, PLEASE rezone the Sunflower Kau Hat so its in collar or necklace or anything not in hat though? I'd dearly love to use a lot of my cute wigs with the it but its really hard to work with in that zone and it seems kind of odd since its not sitting on the kaus head anyways? Thank you!! (Please remove username) ~~anonymous
This is a great suggestion, we have just rezoned/renamed the hat into the Sunflower Kau Collar! Have fun customizing your Sunflower Kau with those cute wigs :)


I love the beta theme, Tis the Season!! From the falling snowflakes that occur on every page to the looping background sound bite (that I discovered by accident after months of using it). Please create more like this! Whoever made it, please give them my thanks and appreciation. Maybe for Halloween, we can get ghosts/spirits floating around with a haunting melody! That would be so cool! - viviiiann

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