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Another player said that a long time ago, they had gotten in trouble for having a pet whose name had the word 'blood' in it. I'm wondering if the word 'blood' it still a problem, with the number of items with the word in their names? Such as Dripping Blood Boots, Bloody Ghost Toast, Wraith Blood, ect. ~~fabiform
That would all depend on the context. If it's something we use on the site then the name would be fine, however if the name can be seen as violent or graphic then it would not be allowed.

Will you ever offer the ability for us to change just the capitalization of our pets' names? Since changing the capitalization still identifies it as the same pet, it seems like it wouldn't mess up any data to offer that option, and would even out the love for pets with uncapitalized names. Thanks! (please remove username) ~~anonymous
Sorry but sadly the process to change a case of a letter in the name, is the same as change the whole name. So changing Timmy to TIMMY would be the same as changing Timmy or Oscar in the database so at this time that would not be possible.

Hi TNT! Earlier this spring, a former buyable from springtime, Negg Wreath Garland, RR'd. Would it be possible to give Bakery Display Case, an item from July 2011, the same treatment and put it in summer RR caps? Thank you for your consideration! *gives the meepits a cookie*~~topologist
Yeah sure you got it, we will actually put this in the birthday retired capsule though.

Hiya TNT! First off, I love the new merch shop! The selection is great and I'm eager to see what other sort of items you all put out! That being said, is there any chance that you all would have plans to release new plushies (maybe even a Zafara plushie please :D)?~~yoshisislandbandit
Yes we are actually! Stay tuned for some soft plushie friends coming soon :)

Can we end this editorial with a cute Snowbunny please. They're my favorite petpet :) ~~yunomi
That is an excellent idea! :)


The highlight of my month was learning I might one day very soon be able to unconvert my Royalgirl Korbat. :D That's been my biggest dream pet since I was like 11 and it means a lot to me that you've changed course to make my dream come true. Thanks so much! ~~rielcz

I joined the site Oct 7, 2000 and I am OVER THE MOON excited about Unconverted pets in the NC Mall!!! Absolutely cannot wait. Thank you for hearing us and letting us have the pets that we want. You're the best!!! ~~earthlingdreamz

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