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Hi! (: on two separate occasions I’ve attempted to send (long, ramble-heavy) neomails and been met with the “you are attempting to send chain mails” warning along with a counter displaying a number of total infractions. I select the “review message” option every time but have not heard back from TNT or had the counter wiped. Is my eventual and unavoidable silencing coming down the pipes, or is this function failing to work as intended? Thank you TNT, I appreciate you (: ~~lemon7773
Think of this as an error message and not a warning, a warning can only be given by a live monitor so this isn't recorded on your account and does not count against you in any way. To find out what is triggering this error message, copy and paste your message onto your petpage and it will show you which word or words is causing the error.

Hey! Can we get a little clarity on Flash games as I've been seeing conflicting comments about it. In an older editoral (Issue 927), it was stated that we wouldn't be frozen for playing the games if we were able. However, I've seen people on the boards saying that they or their friends were frozen for playing the flash games. If we have computers/browsers that are not updated and still run Flash, are we allowed to play Flash games for neopoints and trophies? Or will we be frozen for playing those games? Thanks! ~~lauraloo22

If your browser still support Flash and you are able to play the games, then it is fine to play the games.

No one would be frozen for that unless they are cheating on the games. If they don't believe they should be frozen, please ask your friends to write in to support using the form on the Help page and support will look into it for them.

Hi TNT, a couple of users recently told me that neomails will get deleted from your own inbox if the user who sent the neomail gets their account frozen. I searched though and I can't find anything to suggest that's true. Instead of creating an account with the sole purpose of freezing it to test, I thought it would be better to just ask: When an account is frozen (whether self-freeze or frozen by staff), do the neomails that person sent get deleted from the recipient's inbox? ~~davymuncher
Yes, all Neomails will be removed from the recipients inbox, however they are still viewable by us so they are not completely deleted.

Hi. Is Whimsi Dia's name spelled with an "i" on the end on purpose for stylistic purposes? Or should it be "Whimsy?" Just wondering. ~~_brainchild_
Whimsi Dia's name is actually spelt with an "i" on the end. Those vandagyres sure have some unique names!

Is there any chance the New/Continued Series section could be judged more regularly? It is very disheartening to get a Too Many Good Entries rejection week after week only to discover there have been NO actual entries in that section published that week. Not to mention that the Times itself does not run every week these days. ~~herdygerdy
There are always at least three Continued Series that are included in each edition of the Neopian Times. When one of these three series ends, another is chosen and added to the "New Series" section. Since Continued Series can run for many editions and tend to be the longest pieces of writing submitted to the Neopian Times, they require the most time to edit and set up. If we started a new series each week, the Continued Series section would fill up too quickly and be far too overwhelming for the editor. If you want to improve your chances of being accepted to the Continued Series section, I recommend paying close attention to the current running series and submitting your series once one of the ongoing Continued Series is wrapping up. We will also start holding over new series entries once the existing continued series only have a few parts left!

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