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Heads up Neopians! The next Neopian Times Collab is on the horizon! The Surreal Collab edition is scheduled to be released on May 21st! Please have any submissions for this collab submitted by May 7th at the latest. I'm surreally excited to see you you come up with!

Do you plan on doing anything about people stealing other people's art and using it as their own/submitting into contest (BC, UL)? There is even a UL that on UL of the week with a SunnyNeo Pre-made look-up, and in the rules it states it has to be your own, no premade. The art comunity even has proof of the latest UL winning being stolen. ~~mrsinvicta
If you see any stolen art or coding even, please make sure to report them under the heading of stolen art (yes even for coding since it will help speed things up) and the contest judge will make sure these reports get to where they should be.

Please make sure when you report a piece of stolen art, that you include the URL to the original, and the URL to the image and the page it is being featured on so we can locate the entries quickly.

Hi there, TNT! I am a longtime Neopets user who used to play regularly for years but now that I'm an adult, I often find myself taking brief hiatuses. I have unfortunately found myself locked out of my side accounts because of this, though I am able to reset the passwords I cannot get in as I forget my "birthday". Recently this happened with my main account as well (this one), but thankfully I had the birthday written down. I feel like a lot of others are in the same boat - I was taught by my parents to not give out my birthday online, so when I created these accounts I put in ones that are drastically different than the real one that I obviously remember. I'd be happy to go through extra hoops to change my birthday, even providing info from years ago in my account like past neofriends and what Facebook account my Neopets is synced to. Would you all be open to considering this? Thanks! ~~suzibow_842
If you go to and send in a ticket asking for help with this matter, there is already a system in place that might be able to help you. Make sure to verify your account when you do write in as that will save a step in the process!

Hi! I wanted to ask regarding relationships between characters we make for our Neopets. Are (strictly PG and family friendly) romantic relationships still forbidden in user-written stories, or are they allowed? Thank you! ~~creosote
Sorry but romance is strictly forbidden in all user-created content. You can state that someone has a relationship with another character, however, we wouldn't be able to allow the addition of romance or any romantic themes.

Hi TNT, so I was just curious, if you want to submit a new story for the storytelling contest, where do you submit it and when is the appropriate time/day to submit it? ~~yoshisislandbandit
Underneath the current story, there is a box with the text "What happens next? (write the next paragraph of the story!)" above it. You can fill out this box with your submission for the next portion of the story and click submit when you are ready to send it in!

And there is no certain time you need to submit your entries for the next portion of the Storytelling Competition as it is updated daily with new submissions for users! However, if you wish to try and start a story, it would be best to submit your entry over the weekend as new stories start on Monday and end on Friday. Hope this helps!


Hi. I'm writing in with happy thoughts because the Festival of Neggs was spectacular this year! :D I really enjoyed it. Great NP prizes and great NC items. I did not expect that plot twist at the end; I like sudden plot twists. I will never forget this one! ~~_brainchild_

Kudos to you all for the new site designs. So far they're super easy to use once I got used to them, and they look great! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next. Many thanks...Milk and cookies for everybody! ~~neohomeninja

Hi. I'm writing in with happy thoughts because the new Mosaic Cybunny looks great! I love the hearts on the mane. It will be awfully hard for me to pick just 5 pets when we get new pet slots later this year, as stated in Editorial 925. Great work! ~~_brainchild_

Heya TNT, just dropping in to say I'm really loving how all the site themes have been turning out so far! They all look great! ~~yoshisislandbandit

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