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Hiya! It seems the new Tonu and Mynci clothes released this week have an est. value of 0, and so they are not restocking :( can this be fixed?
You are totally right, Donny is on it adding price tags as we speak!

Do comics submitted to the NT have to be humourous one-offs? Or can someone submit a series with a plot, more like a graphic novel style?~~aietradaea
Yes of course we love comic series! The more the merrier!

Hi! It's been a few days since Jhudora Day, but the new items announced haven't been activated! Could you please look into that? Thanks!~~spakefairy
Donny is on it and putting them in stores now.

I bought a Zombie JubJub Morphing Potion. The issue is that it won't work because it hasn't been activated in your end. If you check the rainbow pool it doesn't exist. Can you hit the magic button to work it? One of my pets keep asking me to write this.~~blackdragonwings
Wow, you are completely correct that was a little silly of them to do it that way...guess we will need to create a Jubjub Zombie!

Hi there, I am just wondering if runner-ups for this most recent Random Contest should only expect to hear back when the final prizes have been awarded? Due to the nature of the runner-up tier it leaves a lot of us hanging in suspense. :(~~freehanded
Very soon so sorry for the delay you all had some pretty awesome winning entries to getting them all created has taken us some time so we are hoping to get those prizes out to you all very soon.

I heard a rumor that,since flash is dying,ALL flash supported games will be deleted from existence in Neopia. Is it true??~~clovertheperidot
Definitely not, we are currently converting batches of games at a time, it is a long process but we are definitely working on it.

Hi TNT! I would like to see more makeup themed items, is it possible to get a makeup themed mystery capsule? I got a few ideas for it: Makeup Store Background, Handheld Lipstick and a Makeup Table.~~greyfever
Wow, I love makeup too honestly, not sure about a capsule, but that background sounds amazing I will pass that idea onto the team! And we should have some new makeup items coming out within the next month or so.

I noticed that the Deceptive Greeting Card is actually edible, and can be eaten by your pets. Is it supposed to be like that, since it's marked as a gift?~~jdb1984
Well, I guess that's what makes it deceptive right? Eat it or gift it, the choice is up to you...

Hi. The new handheld plushie awarded by voting for every Neopies category on the day of release is adorable! :) However, it's currently spelled as "Elsworth" Handheld Plushie, when it should be "Ellsworth." Please send to Donny. Thank you!~~_brainchild_
Oops you're totally right, patching that up for ya.

Any new avatars planned for this year?~~brenda_bbm
Yessiree! Keep an eye out ;)

Happy Thoughts
Hi. I'm writing in with happy thoughts because we got so many great Valentine's Day items this year, which look perfect in my side account gallery! The Call Me Sweetheart Gram is beautiful, as are the items within. Even the freebie from the Paper Hearts Goodie Bag is awesome, and goes well with the Cascading Roses. The Valentine Pandaphant is also gorgeous! Keep up the good work!

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