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I have been fighting cancer for the last three years but never mentioned it on the boards as I figured it might not be something people want to hear about when they are trying to play a game to get away from real life issues. So my question is, if someone is ill in real life, how much if anything is someone allowed to say on Neopets boards or Neomails to explain why you might not be on for a while to friends who play Neopets? Also there is covid, flu, colds, etc., going around. My feeling is its best to not bring these up on Neopets since its a game to get away from real life problems, but I wondered if Neopets has an official stance on mentioning illness on Neopets. If you answer please leave my name out and feel free to edit out anything you don't want to include.
Hi, You are right, it's best to avoid all discussion of real world health issues, if you happen to mention you are sick that's fine but avoid going into details about the sickness or the treatments so Neopets is a place to escape real life.

Hello TNT! Like many others, I was quite happy when you announced the site was now friendly toward the LGBTQ+ community. Today I decided on a pet name I wanted that included the word "gay" and attempted to create him on a side account. Imagine my surprise when I was unable to create this pet! After a bit more research, I found out this wasn't just a pet problem. Petpages, for example, cannot include the word gay. Can you please, please adjust the filters for us? ~~whiffet
Hi, Sorry this is still being worked on. Even though this is allowed, the filters are being extremely stubborn and not allowing us to remove that specific word. Hopefully, we will be able to get this corrected soon.

Hello, TNT. Recently it came to my attention that apparently pets named after medical terminology are considered inappropriate and are not allowed on the site. Yet I have seen a good number of pets, both UC and non, named after all sorts of medical and anatomical terms. Does that mean there are only certain medical terms, say, copyrighted prescription names or potentially controversial disease names, that are disallowed, while more general names like medical procedures or names referring to certain parts of the body are more accepted? Or is it a blanket 'no' for any pet named after anything medical, save for grandfathered pets? ~~ezel68
No, there are no exceptions to this, if there are some pets out there which were missed in the filters you are welcome to report them to be checked however if they were created before the cutoff date in 2007 then they would be considered grandfathered.

Hi TNT! With changing the allowed topics on the boards, I wondered if it's allowed to say GLS (like good luck selling) again? btw thanks for destroying my innocent little gls bubble before.. ~~damiria
You have always been able to say GLS, this has never been a rule, unless you are only saying GLS with no other contribution to the conversation and are advertising for the BC or CC entry. Otherwise, have fun wishing people luck with their sales. :)

Before silencing was a punishment, people who said something offensive would have their account frozen. Would you consider giving back accounts which were frozen before silences were a punishment on the condition that they be perma-silenced? (Please leave my username out if this gets answered) ~~Anonymous
Hello, this is already being done in some situations, however there are some situations where the offense might have been a chat violation, but it would still require the account to be frozen. So sadly, not all accounts frozen for chat related violations would be eligible to be unfrozen in exchange for a permanent silence.


Hey there! Recently I've seen a lot of criticism of the update both on the website and off, but I really have to say that you're all doing a great job. I love the art updates and new small features like the resubmit button on the Shop Wizard, and the Healing Springs being one page instead of two. I'm really glad to see this website I've loved for so long become something greater as flash has ended. Thank you all!! - ging_bob

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