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Performing Arts Collab Editorial

Hello Neopians, Aesop here. I just wanted to say how proud I am of everyone who contributed to the Performing Arts Collab! Without a doubt, this has been one of the greatest (not to mention lengthiest) editions of the Neopian Times that I have had the pleasure to put together. I also wanted to take a moment to thank all of my fellow Neopians who helped coordinate this collab edition, as well as those who sent in Performing Arts submissions to the special collab themed Poetry Gallery, Art Gallery, and Storytelling contests we held. Without your hard work and talent, none of this would have been possible. You are all stars in my eyes, and all of Neopia is your stage! I hope you all have as much fun browsing this edition of the Neopian Times as I did putting it all together :)

With the ongoing craziness in the world, I've noticed that RL topics are pushing their way onto the site, specifically things like politics. My question is this; Are discussions concerning politics permissible or should it be kept in other, more appropriate forums offsite? Please remove my Username if you choose to answer this question. Thank you!! ~~Anonymous
Sorry but the discussion of politics is not allowed on the boards under any conditions so if you see any boards about politics please let our monitors know by using the abuse report form and those boards will be reviewed.

Hi. When will the Random Contest be judged? I'd like to know if I won.~~_brainchild_
The contest has been judged! Now we are just trying to get the winners posted which takes some time but we are working on it! Should be up soon!

Hi TNT! I was wondering if we could get a Valentine's Day Retired Mystery Capsule this year? We haven't had one since Retired Valentine Mystery Capsule in 2015 and I'd love the chance to be able to get more Valentine's Day items! List of RR items on /~Mekera. Thank you :)
Hi there, this is a great idea! However, we have actually decided to release a Sweetheart Grams Retired Mystery Capsule! But we will definitely try for this next year!

The Dazzling Fireworks Gift Box Mystery Capsule is so cute!! I love that the "box" is a different shape than the usual standard cube. So creative!
Glad you like it, I like it as well we might try to do it more!

Hi TNT, when will we be able to spin the Wheel of Extravagance again?~~mabi1234
This is now available with the new update!

Everyone on the Neoboards and in the editorial seem to only be asking about "Flash this" and "beta that," and I just wanted to ask the real burning question that most Neopians are afraid to ask: How is mr.coconut doing?
Funny you should ask, Mr Coconut just told us he had a very important message to share with everyone...


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