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Hi all. Gutterfoot here. It's been a tough week for everyone and we know this years' Charity Corner isn't what any of us expected. There were a lot of issues that we should have been more on top of as well as things like server crashes completely outside of our control.

We've heard everyone's concerns on the Neoboards about the need for more open communication. I personally try to be on the Mobile Beta board as much as time permits me (as I am also a member of the dev team, not a full-time community manager), but it just isn't realistic for all of us. The problem is that the TNT you all see on the boards popping in ARE the dev team as well. Having us be constantly available for communication just isn't viable, especially not while that same team is responsible for both the conversion effort and keeping up with content/events.

Now, I know NONE of this is your problem. This is entirely a problem that TNT needs to handle and we promise that we're going to make an effort to communicate more openly. We want and value your feedback. I appreciate every user who participates on the Mobile Beta board, whether they have dedicated entire pet pages of feedback or just pop-in to report a bug they've noticed. It's all so incredibly helpful to our team.

Circling back to Charity Corner, refunds should be processed and the glitch that prevented some users from claiming their free 500 points should be solved. If anyone feels that their point totals aren't accurate, please send a support ticket and we will try to respond as quickly as possible before the event ends on the 28th of September. We have also fixed the issue where tier 1 and tier 3 mystery capsule drop rates were switched. Those who purchased tier 1 capsules have been reimbursed with new ones. And the capsules within your inventory/prize shop are now reflecting correct drop rates. There won't be any penalties at all since this was entirely our mistake, so everyone is safe. We know we can do better than this and we hope to regain your trust one step at a time.

I was looking through old screenshots that I took when the Magma Pool guard was sleeping several years ago and I noticed something odd: All of my screenshots circa 2012-2014 indicate a certain time period... and then the one other screenshot I have (from 2017) has a completely different time. What's up with that? Do I have two times when the guard is asleep? Did the times change at some point in the past? If someone at Neopets noticed I was logging in at stupid AM (well, it's stupid AM in my time zone, at least) to re-paint my Xweetok and moved me to a more forgiving time, then thank you, but also I think that's probably not the case. I guess I just want to know what's going on is all. If anyone actually remembers, I mean. But thank you either way.~~harryandpirates
Yes, at one time the times were reset so you don't have two times, just your new time. Glad your new time does work better for you though. :)

Hi TNT! It's been awhile since you announce that a new Mutant Pet was on his way. We all get excited, but still we wonder where is it? We know is the Mutant Vandagyre, so please can you tell us when is coming or if the Pet still coming? Thanks in advance.~~paco_39
Yes it's still on its way! Sorry for the delay, we had some other things we had to prioritize before releasing but it should be very soon. Thanks for your patience!

Hi! Are we allowed to participated in the nc portion of charity corner on our sides? I have some nc junk there I'd like to get rid of and I'd like to use the nc prizes on my side pets.~~emaciate
Yes you are but only the nc portion of the event.

Hey TNT, let me start by saying thanks for this year’s CC, the NC portion has been lovely nwn My suggestion is to try to help the NC economy, I love how you’ve created retired mystery capsules of many old activities like Wonderclaw, DWs and MME’s; have you considered a retired Jubjub power bounce or a retired KQ token prizes capsule?~~ drabkin
Glad you are enjoying it, and why yes it's as if you read my mind. Jubjub Power Bounce Retired Capsule should be coming to the nc mall very soon!


Hi. Thank you so much for making the new Marble Draik. It looks great, and it doesn't look like anything I already have. If new pet slots are introduced, I will be getting a Marble Draik of my own. ~~_brainchild_

Hi!! I know getting flash converted out and getting everything streamlined in preparation is a tremendous effort right now given the upcoming deadline. Rooting for y'all! Thank you for keeping our Neo going and thank you everyone for the all the tough work you're pushing through ~~wavent

Just wanted to send a little love your way to thank you all for everything you're doing for Neopia, Neopets, and the fanbase. It brings me (and I know for others too) tons of joy to be able to log in each day, do my dailies and see my pets. I've been here for 13 years, and Neopets is certainly ingrained in my day-to-day. ~~flare_baroshi

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