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Hi! Is there a better place to send suggestions, other than spamming the editorial? Thanks! ~~redturtlegirl12345
You are welcome to send suggestions to the Editorial or you can post them on the Ideas and Suggestions board (//, our monitoring staff does collect suggestions while they watch over the site. They then send these suggestions in at the end of the day, so either way would work. :)

Hi TNT!! My younger sister plays Neopets and enjoys your site! I recently moved in with her and was wondering if I’m still able to play my games and dailies when using her laptop? I wasn’t sure what your rules are for this. ~~kristytempy
Of course you can both continue playing! We know a lot of our members do share an IP or even a computer with family members who also play. Just continue to play the same way you always have. :)

Daily Puzzle: July, 19th: Question: Which of the following species does NOT have the ability to be painted Steampunk? Answer: Poogle Is this is a hint for September 19th? (Loses hope for Pastel..) ~~nicole_xbill
As a fellow Poogle lover, I wish that was true! However, that question was not a hint that a Steampunk Poogle is coming. Sorry to disappoint you though. Guess we all just have to wait until September to find out what the new colour will be.

Is there an obvious link somewhere to get back to the classic site for games?? ~~thtmnbhndthecrtn
Sure, just click on your Pet's Portrait in the upper left corner and near the bottom of the menu that comes up you will see View Classic Site. Just click that and you will be back on the classic version of Neopets and be able to play!

Hi TNT! So I was lent a few pets over the past week or so to obtain avatars by this really cool person. She has a whole page dedicated to her pet lends, but no buttons to link back. As I love a reason to design, I thought I'd create one for her. But before I do, I figure I'd better check in with you guys. Would this be considered a "tip" and therefor be against the rules? Please remove my username.
Hello! That sounds like a great gift. It would not be viewed as a tip so you would be fine!

Hi! There was recently a Daily Puzzle question that stated: "What board can you NOT create a post on with the sole purpose of advertising your BC entry?" The correct answer was, "Avatar Board." Why is this the case? Earning a trophy in the BC gets you an avatar, so it's at least somewhat related. Or, does this just mean that you can't make a board solely for that purpose? There's been so much back and forth over what is and isn't allowed in BC advertising. It would be really helpful if there was a complete guide containing the rules to prevent confusion. Thanks. ~~redturtlegirl12345
Right, you cannot make a board strictly for advertising your entry on the Avatar Board. However, you can have a BC Link in your NeoSig and chat on the Avatar Board.

So let's do this:

Boards specifically made to bring attention to your BC entry can be made on the Art Board, Spotlight Board or Premium Boards ONLY.

Your Neosig, with a link to your BC entry, can be posted on any board as long as you contribute to the conversation. Now, since the Quest board does not really have conversations that bring up questions about having the link there, let's get this out there. You are welcome to keep your Neosig while helping with quests on the quest board (meaning as long as you are providing links to members who ask for help).

To answer the next question about the quest boards that you might be thinking, you do not have to have been a long time poster on the quest boards to post there even with our BC link. To make it fair to everyone, anyone who is willing to help, can help!

One more thing, please keep your advertising outside the Art, Spotlight and Premium boards in your Neosig, this means nothing in the body of your message and nothing in the NeoHTML.

Kikocat is working with some others to get a list of rules up, although right now there isn't a timeline for that. Hopefully this helps in the meantime!

Need more help?
If you have a question that you think should be answered, click here and you can use our submission form. The most common/bizarre questions will appear here next week.

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