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Hi! Thank you for doing everything that youguys do for neopets! :) I was wondering if there was a comprehensive guide/list of things that you can and can't do with a second neopets account. For example, I know that you can own a neohome on both accounts, but that you can only purchase furniture for your neohomes with neopoints that are from your main account (as in, side accounts can't be used to make more money). I've seen some questions answered around the site, but I haven't been able to find a page that has most/all rules concerning owning a side account. Thank you again for all that you guys do, and have a great day! :) ~~54321bvcxz
The most basic and simple way to think about this is, if an activity rewards Neopoints or Items then it generally can only be done on your main account. All NP and items must come from your main account. So if you needed an item on a side for customization, you would buy the item on your main and then send it to the side. If the side needed NP for the lodge, you would send the points there.

Hi! TNT, I have 5 accounts and I need more space can I make another account ??? ~~clari_hikari
No, sorry! The limit is one main account and four side accounts.

Hi! I recently got back into Neopets after a long hiatus but I've been playing off and on since I was a kid. My 5 year stepdaughter has been developing an interest in playing but as she would be using my laptop I'd be concerned that it would be viewed as cheating even though it would be her account. Since I already long on and do dailies on this account. How do we get around it? *hands cookies and skips off* ~~bored_girl2
Hi, that is fantastic she is developing an interest in the site. Both of you playing from the same computer/IP would be fine. There are many families who do play Neopets and we do understand that. :)

I know that earning NPs on sides is against the rules. I was wondering, though, if I post an item in the Trading Post thats worth more than 2 million, and someone neomails an offer and requests that I put it in the Auction House, can I then send the item to my side account, add the other person and set the auction to neofriend only? I have several neofriends on my main account, but not on any of my sides. I was just wondering, if this issue ever arises, if this is an option. Thank you! - brittaniebrown
Although that sounds like an interesting solution to a NeoFriend only auction, it would break the rules against selling items from side accounts so sadly the answer would be no that wouldn't be allowed.

I just bought some 13th Birthday Diamond Wish Candles from the mall and I was lucky enough to get the Shimmering Diamond Wings that I really wanted. I ran right off to put them on my pet Amarica, who is a wraith draik, and it didn't remove her wraith draik wings. She looks ridiculous and she is rather embarrassed to be seen in public right now. Could you please help a girl out and fix this please. Thank you, nihanni & Amarica
You're totally right, we have gone ahead and fixed this, it may just take some time to sync.

Hi! Just wanted to bring to your attention that the ACXV trophies are still reflecting last year's podium placements (1st, 2nd, & 3rd place are showing for Terror Mountain, Virtupets, & Maraqua instead of Kiko Lake, Meridell, & Brightvale). I'm looking forward to celebrating Brightvale's first podium finish with the trophy update. Thank you!
Our apologies, this has been fixed.

Hey there! I wanted to inquire about new merchandise offerings. Are there any details you are able to share regarding Neopets merchandise in the future? I'm honestly quite excited to invest in some new Neopets merchandise! I know there are a lot of moving parts and it isn't as easy as 1-2-3, but I couldn't help but ask! Thank you all for your dedication to this brand, it means the world to me.~~jennsjoe
We have a lot of upcoming exciting things coming very soon! One of them is our collaboration with geekify! So keep an eye out for something with them. We have some other secret projects in the works as well but we don't want to jinx it with anything too specific, but know there are a lot of exciting things happening!

Hi. Unfortunately I’ve seen a ton of errors in the storytelling contest lately. For example in a recent week two famous Aishas were referred to as Grundos and made it in. This week we’re led to believe Finneus doesn’t understand the numbering system of his own archive. I’m hoping better attention can be given to the accuracy of the writing. It makes me question if all entries are read before a winner is selected for storytelling or even poetry. Considering the time it takes to work on some of these entries it would be comforting to know they were at least read. If they were the editors favorites fine, but I hope everyone is getting a fair chance and I hope better attention can be paid to inaccuracies like the ones I described. Thank you. Also if clarification can be given as to the best time to submit for those contests it would be great!~~sixlets1
Hello sixlets1, first of all I want to assure you that all Storytelling submissions are read before any winners are chosen. You are absolutely right about that Aisha-Grundo slip-up, but please keep in mind that these are stories with different sections added each day by different authors. This can make it difficult for both writers and the editor to keep track of the characters and settings (especially with new stories every week!), so errors are bound to happen. If you notice any mistakes please feel free to reach out to tnt_aesop so they can be fixed. As for accuracy, that is a more complex issue. The Story Telling contest is not canon, so writers are given more flexibility with characters and storylines. Also, keep in mind that writing can be interpreted in different ways. For example, you thought the most recent story made it seem like Finneus did not understand the numbering system of his own archive. However, the section I believe you are referring to "He was looking for a certain book, but wasn't having much luck. "It's these stupid numbers that they use nowadays. Makes finding a book on a certain subject a lot harder," he muttered, as he continued to scan book titles." had a very different meaning for me. I read this section as Finneus, who strikes me as an old-fashioned kind of Neopet, expressing frustration over a new numbering system, which would make sense for his character. I hope this has helped clear up some of your concerns! As for the best time to submit, my advice would be to submit new story sections the night before they are put up. Storytelling can be updated pretty early in the morning depending on how busy we are, so submitting them the night before is always a safe bet!

Hi TNT! I was wondering if it's possible to get some new prizes for Trudy's Surprise again? In the beginning, we would get new prizes every few weeks/months. At the moment, we have received the same few prizes for a year now and it would be nice to get some new neat items for playing :) Thank you so much!~~simplicita
Yes you're totally right, we are working on a new prize pool as we speak and hope to have that release next month!

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