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Merch Announcement
Hi friends, Scrappy here! We have gotten a few questions about what is/is not allowed in terms of selling Neopets merchandise. So, we just wanted to clear all of that up quick. Selling exclusive, unlicensed Neopets merchandise without our written consent and a merchandise agreement in place is a violation of our trademarks and not allowed. However, we love all the passion and enthusiasm around creating some new merch and would love to be part of that. If you are interested in creating Neopets merchandise, please reach out to us as we would love to discuss some options with you!

Hi! I very recently created a side account to transfer my neopets over, as I want to have more spots to paint and train pets. I know I can't have a shop on my side account to have NPs to make transfers, so I was wondering how I could get NPs from my main account to my side account in order to pay for the receiving portion of the transfer? Thanks! ~~elizabethloreleirose
Hello Elizabeth! You are right that you cannot have a shop on a side account, so the best way to send yourself some points from your main to your side would be through the trading post. Just put a random item up for trade on your side and then make an offer from your main with the points you would need for the transfers.

Hey TNT! I'm a player from the early days returning after a decade or so and it's amazing how much of the site has remained special and intact! My question for you is who on the current TNT has been on staff the longest? Do you have a favorite Neopets memory/moment so far? ~~sugarpill38
Great to have you join us in Neopia again! This was such a great question we asked for input from some of our most seasoned team members!

DJ Skellington has been with us the longest. As for a favourite memory? He says “Seeing Moehogs finally appear in plush form? Having Haunted Woods win the first Altador Cup? Seeing Faerieland fall from the sky like a lead… I’m kidding! I’m kidding. *coughs*. And seeing Neopets Mobile is up there too!

Hi everyone! Kikocat here! I have been here since Y4 and had some great experiences on the site and around the office. But for site memories, some of my favourites would include the day I was asked to take over the Beauty Contest. Also, I loved the Altador Cup since I was asked to be a part of that. Recently being able to actually post on the Art Board has been great. As for playing the site, my favourite things would be The Battle for Meridell and the Altador Plot. I should also include, that I have loved collecting the real-life Neopets plushies since they first came out, I even do remember standing in line before the stores opened to get mine the day they were released.

Binary_supagoo here! I have been at Neopets since Neopian Year 7. I started in what we called Global Market Research as a developer doing things like back end programming for sponsored pages that had fun activities and videos and quests to celebrate big movie releases and working on proprietary systems to deliver “immersive advertising” content. Then I moved over to our super fun PHP group to work with Mr. Insane and others to help make Snarky’s creative visions come alive. As we changed owners, my understanding of the inner workings of a lot of our systems became vital to keeping these systems running and advise our team. I’ve never stopped being a gamer myself, so I enjoy giving some creative input too. One of my best memories was the first year I was at Neopets when they gave us all a big box with the Christmas Shoyru plushie made special for TNT staff.

This is Senormalo! I have been with Neopets since year Y7 I've had a few favourite moments. My photoshoot on a horse was definitely one, as well as teaming up with Dirigibles for the Daily Dare Team tournament! Although we lost it was nice to get out of my Moltara uniform.

SWITCH me back to regular and NOT BETA PLEASE!!!! No instructions on HOW TO SWITCH BACK ~~deigo_3241
Hi Deigo, you can actually change back to classic view anytime you like. Just click on your Neopet image in the upper left corner of the site and you will get a menu. Towards the bottom of the list, you should see "View Classic Site". Just click that and you're back to the classic layout. Sorry for the confusion!

Can you please fix the rarity of Lutari Islander Headdress as it is surely not meant to be rarity 9 ~~abacusgirl
Oh wow good eye! You are correct that item's rarity is supposed to be much higher, thank you for bringing that to our attention. It should be all fixed now!

Aesop Answers

Hi guys! I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work with the Times. Keep up the great work! Thanks for always enthusiastically supporting these collab issues! It means a lot. =) ~~parody_ham
Of course! Even though they can be a lot of work to put together, the collab editions of the NT have definitely been the most rewarding. I honestly think Neopian Literature might be one of my favourite issues of all time. I adored reading through all of the wildly creative articles, stories, and comics you all came up with using the books of Neopia as inspiration!

Hey there! I wanted to check something: in previous years, Neopian Times questions and fixes were sent via neomail to the account nt_editor. I just wanted to see if this was still the right method, or if there's a different way to contact you outside of the Editorial for more minor or specific questions?~~twillieblossom
I'm really glad you asked! I recently tried going through the nt_editor neomail but it was very very very backed up. I also realized I had already responded to many of those questions or concerns in the editor neomail through either Support Messages or the Editorial section, so it was difficult to keep track of which concerns I had and hadn't addressed. So instead, you can send any NT related questions or fixes to me tnt_aesop!

I'd like to know what the stance is about resubmitting the same story after getting a "Please try again next week" neomail. I mean, is it okay to continue trying with the same story for a couple more weeks? I don't want the editor to think, "Oh no, this guy again" after seeing a resubmission!
Please do! I implore you to resubmit your stories again after receiving a please try again next week email (this goes for articles and comics as well). The Neopian Times has been getting tons of entries the past few months, which is AWESOME! However, this means there are lots of talented writers whose stories get passed over because we already have a surplus of superb entries. I noticed a few different questions about the Times, so here are some quick tips on submitting:

-Pay attention to the Neopian Calendar! Entries that are relevant to a recent Petday or ongoing Neopian event are more likely to get in.

-Wait until the Times comes out before resubmitting. If you receive a try again next week email on a Tuesday or Wednesday, please wait until the next edition of the Times is released before resubmitting.

-After being rejected, take some time to analyze your piece and revise it before resubmitting. Even the most creative stories can sometimes be rejected because they are full of glaring grammar or syntax errors. Priority goes to the authors who take the time to polish their writing. That being said, I understand English is not everyone's first language, so I won't be too strict. What really matters is that I see that you have been putting in the effort to improve your submissions!

-When submitting comics, please remember the maximum image width we allow is 470 pixels. I feel bad rejecting hilarious comics because they are just too wide! If you do receive a too wide neomail, feel free to resubmit it as soon as it has been resized.

Good luck!

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