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Hey TNT! I was wondering if it would be possible to trade 2 or more pets for 1 pet? For an example there are some really nice higher tiered UC pets that I would like to trade for but I have mainly lower tiers. Would it be allowed? Thank you ~m0nster_rancher
Hello!! No, all pet trades must be one for one trades. You cannot trade a pet for multiple pets or any items. Sorry about that, good luck with your pet trades though.

Hi! I hope you are all doing well. Is there any chance you could let us know if advertising Beauty Contest entries on chat boards other than the Art Chat is allowed? Previously, in issue 887's editorial, it seemed like you reconsidered and would allow it so long as players were making real, substantive posts on chat topics and not brief token posts like "GL!" Or did you mean for the advice you gave in NT issue #887 to only apply to players trying to drum up votes in the Caption Contest? Thanks for your time & please remove my username. ~Name Removed
Hi, That is for the Beauty Contest (Caption Contest also) but you can post your link in your Neosig outside the Art, Spotlight and Premium boards now (ONLY in your Neosig though) as long as you are contributing to the conversation.

Hey TNT! Would you guys be mad if we wanted to start a new account afresh but keep our old main with all of our item / NP on it? The new account's items and pets would never be traded or interacted with our old account / sides Thank you - Name Removed
I'm hoping that I am reading this correctly. You want to abandon your current main and start a new account as your main. That would be fine as long as you keep in mind that would make your current main a side account and you would have to keep to all side account rules with that account. No, you can't have two main accounts. :)

Dear Editor, Recently, I had a comic held over, only to be rejected by saying "There were certain elements of your story that were found to be inconsistent with what users are allowed to post on the Neopets site." Now, I've heard recently that some other comic artist were rejected for the same reason, and we're all lost as to what we're doing wrong. The only thing in common we've been able to find is that all of our comics feature owners, aka humans. I've never had a problem in the past with this, but if it's something I need to be aware of now, I need to know. So, are humans no longer allowed in the Neopian Times? Thank you for your time, June Scarlet
So yes it is listed in the rules here We apologies if entries were overlooked in the past.

Help! My pet is a cog! My poor Maraquan Lutari's face has been obscured by a cog all week when posting to the neoboards... I'd love to be able to show off his new paint job! *slips a cookie in your pocket*
This issue is now resolved! Go checkout your Lutari now!

Hey there! Are you able to change the NC item 'Candychan Plushie' to 'Candychan Handheld Plushie'? There already exists an item called 'Candychan Plushie'!~~swordsforlegs
You got it.

Hi TNT! Getting excited for the games to start, can’t believe Altador Cup is almost upon us once again. Any chance of re-releasing all teams’ foam fingers in a retired capsule? I think quite a few of us had them in mind when hoping for retired items last year, yet they weren’t included. Depending on what team you support, some of them are really hard to find and I know my pets would love one to show their support!
Yes we hope to re-release the Altador Retired Capsule very soon so stay tuned.

Hi TNT! I recently returned to Neopets after a 6-7 year hiatus back in March, and naturally a lot has changed since 2014. In particular, I noticed that a lot of the staff members I knew as a kid have either left or changed hands. I don’t even recognize half of the staff’s usernames anymore! I really want to get to know the new TNT staff, there any way you can list the current staff members or have them introduce themselves in the editorial? That would be awesome! Thanks :)~~emmilou123
This is actually something we have been wanting to do as well. We could try doing this through the news for Staff Tournament so be on the lookout.

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