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Happy Neovian Gothic issue everyone! Another awesome collab issue! So glad to continue the tradition. Next week will be a funky fun issue so get ready! Have a great weekend everyone. Here is a quick note from scrappy!

Hey Neopians!

Scrappy here, I wanted to send around a note to you all and just say that all of us here at TNT hope you guys are staying safe & healthy. Times are crazy right now, but this is really a time to come together (figuratively speaking), help one another and be grateful for all that we have. I am beyond grateful for all of you and the AMAZING community that exists here in Neopia. While we might be spread across the world, it is truly special to be able to come together as one here during these difficult times. Remember that we are stronger together and will get through this to hopefully see better days very soon! So once again stay safe, stay healthy & stay cool!

It's no secret that as many of us have gotten older, Neopia has gotten quieter. Is there anything us remaining denizens can do to help with that?~~isaac13579
Thank you for staying here in Neopia, we appreciate your loyal citizenship :) The best way you can rile things up is by spreading the word to friends and family. Be the Neopian warrior I know you can be and help them get set up in a nice home with pets of their own!

How soon should we start submitting for Issue #900?
You can start submitting now! We have been focusing on the Neovian Gothic issue and the April Fool's issue which will be coming on April 3rd...hermph i mean the regular issue of course. So after that is when we will start holding over issues for the 900th.

Greetings TNT! We learned in the March 9th news post that you moved. How is the new headquarters? Got any pictures?
Well the 9th was just the beginning of it all. That was just the day TNT was all packing up our stuff, but we still have a whole office to pack up as well. So it will be a continual process for the next month really. We are also all working from home at the moment in these crazy times, so we won't be in our new office for about another month :( But soon...soon...

Is there any way you may be able to fix the comics in NT Issue 756? It's been years now, but most of the comics in that issue are still all broken images, many of them part of a larger comic story line. It's been brought to the attention of editors in the past, but nothing seems to have been done in that time, so I was wondering if you were aware of this issue and are able to help.
So i looked into these and unfortunately it looks like they never uploaded them :( So there is no way I could retroactively fix these. I'm really sorry.

HI friends! I was wondering if our maraquan pets could get some contacts! I would love an ocean blue or a jeweled one! Thanks so much *hugs*~~spukl1
Oh my goodness, it looks like y'all don't have any contacts :( Wow yeah totally coming right up!

Seriously, guys, same as last week - the article links on the front page of the Neopian Times lead to an article from issue 153. Same as last week. What’s going on?
Sorry about that Aesop is new to doing the neopian times, and 153 is the issue we have on the template we have set so he just forgot to change the issue. Just gotta give him some time to learn all the ropes.

Hi TNT, I just have a question regarding side accounts. I've been on Neopets for quite a while and know that the general rule about side accounts is that you cannot earn neopoints on that account, and that all neopoints must be transferred from the main account if needed. But what about the Forbidden Shore? Since it's unlocked through items that can be purchased on a main account and transferred to a side account (like the secret lab map pieces and petpet lab pieces), does that mean it's okay to visit the Forbidden Shore on a side account? ~~amaranthine_
No, you would not be able to use the Forbidden Shore on a side account since it does give items as rewards.

I'm feeling a lot of nostalgia recently. Could you end this tutorial with Mr Coconut for old times' sake? Thanks!
Gotchu ;)

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