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Hi all, quick announcement remember that the collab edition is coming! This time is Legends & Folklore. Creative and interesting entries are welcomed! The deadline for these entries will be August 12th by end of day. Tell all the authors and artists you know to get to submitting! Hope you all have a great weekend and stay awesome of course!

Are you guys still working on 2-factor authentication? We're all desperate for it! ~~welikedots
The first step is to switch over to HTTPS. We're working on that. 2-factor authentication is something we'd like to take up after that, so no, we aren't working on it at the moment.

Hello! I was unable to attend Comic Con but I am in love with the 20th anniversary pin. Is there any possibility that this pin or other pins from the Con will be made available to purchase for the users who were not fortunate enough to attend? We would love to support the site from home! Thank you ~~derrangeddragon
This was not in our plans, but we have a lot of you asking about it, so we're looking into a few options.

So I seen the preview for the possible mobile version if neo and I liked it! Butttttt when i seen the favorites tab i wondered, what about premium people? We get the favorites/dailies tab with premium and I was wondering if there was gonna be something for premium people? Will we still have our premium tool bar? I love it so much and I don't want it to disappear! ~~_sissiy_sis_369
The premium toolbar isn't going anywhere. As for the favorites tab in the new site design, it's a pretty cool feature that we're excited to offer all our players. And for our very special premium players, we'll have a different exclusive feature for you to enjoy instead!

My dearest TNT, what happened to the release of Rukis for Ruki Day? I was so excited to make one. ~~lil_kaiju
Ohhhhh dear! WHAT happened to the release of Rukis for Ruki Day?! Fret not, dearest …., for we'll make sure you can create a Ruki on 5 August instead.

Will there be any more map revamps anytime soon? I think most of us were enjoying seeing more visually appealing maps and then they just stopped. Will the others get their spotlight anytime soon? ~~chocolatjellopudding
Gradually, yes. One more map should be out pretty soon, but the others will take longer.

A few weeks ago, I sent an email to recover my old account, (I wanted to use it as a side, and I made a new account that's now my main) but the attempt was unsuccessful. Desperate, I kept trying different birthdays until I was able to log in.(I should double check for typos next time) However, I'm scared of transferring items between accounts since I contacted support. Is my old account doomed?
No, the account is not doomed. If you want to start using it as your main, it would be fine to send everything to that account. If you are going to make it your side account, then you can send everything from that account to your main. Just remember if you are changing mains, please allow at least 24 hours between any dailies or other activities that award prizes or points on your old main to your new main. And as always only play games, buy and sell, or do any other activities that give prizes or points on your main.

Hi TNT ~ question for ya. Last month, I was posting good luck on the pound chat while advertising for the Caption Contest in my signature. I was swiftly warned for spamming and took the hint; I never did it again. Fast forward to this month, I see many users posting good luck on the pound chat while advertising CC. Can you clarify what is allowed and what isn't?
The rule is that you can have the Caption Contest link in your NeoSig as long as you are constructively contributing to the conversation of the board. We do not have a limit to which boards you can have this NeoSig unlike the Beauty Contest rules. But you cannot just post "GLT" or other things that add nothing to a conversation just so the NeoSig is seen. You should also not be creating boards for the sole purpose of advertising.

Hello, the recent batch of dyeworks are gorgeous but unfortunately have some glitches. Dyeworks Black: Golden Sea Star Wig is layering on top of pet's heads so you can't see their faces. All of the new Baby Wading Pool colours don't work for Baby Vandagyres. Can you please look into these? Thank you in advance! ~~degenius
Yes we've actually fixed this now so should be all good. As for the wading pool sadly that is because this item was created before the baby vandagyre came out so sadly they do not get this item.

The new dyeworks are amazing! Butttt I noticed the description to the original seashell throne was changed! :o could you fix it?
Done and done.

Donny's Corner: Donny has been hard at work, working on various fixes on the site including mostly mobile conversion and art fixes.

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