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Hi there, as you may have noticed we are experiencing technical difficulties with our site. We are aware of the root of the problem and are actively working to control and solve the issues here. Until they are completely solved we may be experiencing a bit more lag/downtime. We will continue to update you moving forward. We sincerely apologise about all the lost time on the site without communication, we wanted to be sure of the issue before engaging. We appreciate your patience and we hope to get things resolved as soon as possible.

Hi TNT! Every now and then I see requests for new petpet colours in the Editorial, and I have a request of my own. The Hoggir petpet was released almost 10 years ago but only has ONE different colour available. Could the Hoggir get some more love, maybe? ♥ Something like Darigan or Stealthy might be cool, but I'll leave that part up to you guys ~ Thank you! Have a great weekend :)
That’s another one going into our list.

Hi, I recently came back to neopets.And I have a main and a side.I actually like my side's username better and would like to transfer everything over to that account and use my main as a side.I would close my shop, get rid of any stocks I have etc.Am I allowed to do this?
Yes, switching your main account is perfectly fine. Although you cannot technically close your shop you can remove all your items from the shop and just not restock it.Please wait at least 24 hours (if you can wait longer, a week is even better) before doing any dailies on your new main account after the last time you did them on what will be your old main. Once you do officially make your account your new main, remember you cannot use your old main to do any activities which would give you Neopoints or items. :) Good luck with the transfer.

Hello all, please remove my user name. I would like clarification on the that's not rubbish avatar.After a week of research it has become evident that the more times the page is refreshed the more items stock contrary to the response in editorial 256. Can you please review and make sure this avatar is available currently? After several days of refreshing with friends we have not seen any avatar item stock. Please verify it is currently working and giving out avatar items. Thanks, Long time avatar hunter!
Bolstered by our recent expose about the Skarl Collectable Charm, we do believe we can -ahem- persuade a developer into taking another look at the avatar and telling us the truth about how it works. Just give us a month or two. In our experience, it takes a while.

Hiii, I've noticed that the buttons for Charity Corner are still coming up when I view my inventory - any chance these can be removed. Thanks :)
With all that was going on this past week it slipped past us. We will definitely bring it up to programming next week. Thanks for the reminder.

Donny's Corner: Fixed the following PB-related issues: 1. Stealthy Lupe happy mouth flicker 2. Baby Poogle transient bio hair front flicker 3. Polka Dot Ogrin body becomes transparent 4. No wings on Magma Skeith 5. No wings on Clay Draiks 6. Wraith Cybunny 7. Woodland Eyrie white line below right foot 8. Zombie Blumaroo hind in wrong zone 9. Candy Krawk male eyelids flickering 10. Male Polkadot Krawk happy eyelid flickering 11. Fixed size issues on both Acara pbs Made the Evil Coconut avatar transparent Updated art for Robot Vandagyre and Royal Lutari avatars. Currently working on site technical issues as well...

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