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Hello all there are a lot of Charity Corner/Altador Cup related questions and unfortunately I myself do not have the answers you so seek. However HTT does! So hopefully next week we can get her responses to your questions. This week's editorial is a summary of things I was able to answer so apologies if it is a bit off topic of what you all really want to know. But as I said hopefully next week we will have some answers! We appreciate your patience.

Did you all forget the NC part of the AC :O? Or is there just not going to be one this year? The NC portion usually starts on the first day of the AC...*eats all the cookies*~~pinkpuppies
There will indeed be an nc portion this year, we are doing it slightly different this year so we just want to work out all the kinks before releasing it. It should be live early next week!

Hey there TNT *hands out Chia Pops* Thanks for all the great NC items lately! I also loved the RR Dyeworks & MME caps - I was hoping that we could ~maybe~ get a JubJub Power Bounce RR cap sometime? There's lots pretty of items we haven't seen in a while *_*! If not, maybe you can consider putting a few of the htf items from it in the birthday caps this year? Thanks for everything!
Ooooh very cool idea, I will think on it and see what Scrappy thinks as well.

In the various items databases, there are so many unreleased items, they found on your servers. Have you ever looked at them and thought about releasing them?~~padxe
I actually think about this all the time we now have over 80,000 items! It's insane! It's an awesome idea, it gets hard sometimes because either art was never finished or the art is outdated and maybe not up to the high standards Neopia has now set, but it could be a fun idea....

Hi tnt! So, ever since the NC Archives prize pool updated, the cookies have been selling out fast! Lots of users have been waiting many days just to find them in stock; and when they do stock, they sell out within minutes. Any chance Noda can start baking them more frequently? :)~~werme123
Yes we hear you guys, we have upped the stock but you guys are seriously outdoing yourself and keep grabbing them before anyone else gets a chance. So know they are stocking they are just going like hot cakes.

Hello TNT! I'm Rascal, and this is just a quick message to say how much I appreciate all the work you do for us Neopians. There's been a lot of talk about the loss of Flash and what it will mean for the site, and I am so glad you're doing all you can to keep it up and running in HTML5. Neopets has gotten me through some of the hardest times in my real life and I owe the team and the community a lot! Keep up all your hard work, don't let the haters get you down, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart that we will still have Neopia to love and enjoy for many more years to come! Hugs and love, Rascal.~~kionaaddict88
This is so sweet! Thanks for the kind words and positivity it means a lot!

Hi TNT! Any chance we could have another Random Contest sometime in the next few months? It's been a long time since we've had an opportunity for that avatar. Thank you!~~ saiphami
I really wish I could say yes because it's one of my personal faves as well but unfortunately no, we have so much going on at the moment and with us taking feedback to fix small issues on the site and continue growing into the future we just don't have the time or a person to run it at the moment. :( one day maybe...

Hey TNT! *hands you pretty flower* I was wondering if you could please ban complaining on the neoboards? Back in the day you could actually have normal conversation on the boards. now its just constant complaining and bashing other people. It's a big big problem. Help! s.o.s! Thanks so much!
I definitely wish but alas free speech my friend nothing I can really do, what I could suggest is try to spread positivity whenever you post. Cheer others up when they seem upset, channel the core of this site which is exploring the unknown and making the best! Surface random topics that bring joy to spread that energy along and maybe people will follow.

PLEASE HELP ME JADE ;_; I enter my comics in the Neopian Times and I never hear anything back. I have so many ideas I want to make you lots of comics I'm worried you aren't getting my submissions. HELP~~jesillu
That's strange I've never seen your username before and I just checked the submission page and did not see you there either. Make sure you are submitting using the correct formatting and that you have no bad language or off topic matters. link

Donny's Corner: Donny has been working around the clock to make sure all the Charity Corner perks are working and that Altador cup is running on track.

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