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Don't you think that the Charity Corner perk offering 3% extra bank interest is a bit unbalanced compared to others? It can either offer barely anything at all, or upwards of 60m NP. Obviously you need to be very rich for that to be the case, but it's an incredibly large difference considering the effort and perk points required will be the same for everyone.
The amount that can be gained through the Bank Bribery perk will always differ greatly from player to player depending on their account size, irrespective of the percentage increase offered. It is up to each player to decide whether the time and effort required for the perk is worth it to them.

Hello! Thanks for showing users the perks preview so we have an idea of how much we want to donate. Will there be more perks added or is the shop for this year finalized? Thanks!
The list of perks for this year is final, and is the same as is currently previewed.

Hi. Will Cartogriphication from the Charity Corner perk shop be limited to one use, or will it be unlimited use since it only lasts a day for 100 points?
It can be applied ten times. We have added the caps for all the perks to the prize shop preview.

Hi TNT, please reopen the AC prize shop after the CC. There was no warning in the news which there usually is each year and many of us haven't spent our points as we usually wait until the last minute to decide what's most profitable. I was looking at the shop only yesterday but was going to spend my points after CC finished and had no idea the shop would disappear:( please reopen it, I'm really sad I got to all-star last year and my points are gone. Thanks
This was a mistake on our part. We have reopened both prize shops. Please make sure to redeem all your points by May 24, 23:59:59 NST, as announced in the news.

Hello TNT! I'm not sure if this has been asked or answered previously, but are there any plans to go back and give some underappreciated petpets some new colors? Some petpets come in dozens of colors, while others seem to have been forgotten with 5 or less color choices. I would love to see a royal and/or blue mimbi. hint hint Thank you!
Well, we have so many Petpets that it’s easy for some of them to be overlooked. However, we love all our Petpets just as much as we love our players, so if there’s any Petpet in particular that you’re hoping to see, just write in to the Editorial and we’ll put in a request with the content team to make it happen!

Hey Jade! The Royal Faellie released last week looks amazing! Players were pointing out that someone had requested a petpet with that same paint scheme through the editorial, so I thought maybe I could put in a request of my own. The Fleurbik was released in 2003 and STILL does not have ANY colors for it aside from its base. Please consider adding colors for the Fleurbik! It’s not the cutest petpet, but it deserves love too!
Request placed with the content team.

I was wondering if this perk (Fast and Furious) from the CC will or will not work with the NC Mall Training cookie or if it will be similar to some of the other perks that do not work with the skirmish boons?
Fast and Furious will work with the Training Fortune Cookie.

The puzzle adventure site theme isn't included as a part of the Bring Back the Old Days perk for the Charity Corner. Can it be added since the codes from that game can no longer be redeemed? Thank you.
Yes, we will add this to the list of available site themes.

Donny’s Corner:

Fixed art for Paper Hearts Garland

Fixed item bugs

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