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Breaking News from Scrappy!

Hi Neopians! Very exciting announcement here, Neopets is coming back to San Diego Comic Con for the second year in a row! Along with our booth inside Comic Con, we are going to have a Neopets Party on Friday, July 19th to celebrate our upcoming 20th Anniversary of Neopets! More details will be coming very soon but wanted to give everyone a heads up in case you are planning on being there or around there during that time. There will be lots of exclusive content, fun Neopian activities and of course, some of the members of TNT! We hope to be able to see you there!!

Hi! It looks like the Boingari Mince Pie hasn't been released yet. Any chance this could surface at some point soon?
The item has been released, so it’s just a matter of it surfacing some time soon.

Hiya Jade~ The prize distribution for Lyra and the Lost Heirloom left a lot of people frustrated, since their only chance of obtaining Blaze was by catching 10 chapters on the day of release. (I myself tried to refresh the plot page every day, but only caught 2 on release day.) It creates an ENORMOUS feel-bad moment for people to miss the top prize by only 40 points because they missed a single achievement that they didn't know how to get until it was already too late for them to get it. As soon as I saw Blaze in the prize shop preview, I resolved to complete as much of the plot as I could in order to get it, and to fall short like this just makes me feel like my weeks of effort were wasted. So my question is, could you please communicate to users beforehand how to get certain achievements and prizes before they're locked out of doing so? It would really help if we had prior warning, and I just want my Blaze. :c Thanks for everything!
We certainly want to avoid a similar situation in the future. However, that is not to say that we will reveal the exact requirements for achievements upfront - we love to keep you guessing! But when it comes to unexpected time-sensitive achievements, we will give you fair warning so that you aren’t locked out.

Hello! I was just wondering when we might be able to expect some new GBCs in the mall? Thank you! *hands a plate of cookies* ~~echo1821
Sadly no new GBMCs this month....buttttt there is a giant GBMC Spring Cleaning sale happening this weekend. Starting tomorrow five special capsules will be marked 50% off and then on Sunday they will be 25% off! Enjoy the sale while it lasts because it ends on Sunday night!

Hi!, i'm an avid ice cream collector and i've noticed this: i'm not sure if the team forgot to activate the item but there's two images of Lutari Ice creams but as far as i know i've never see them on site with an official name? They're lut_chococone and lut_vanillacone. I don't know if you could ask around about what's up with these items? I'd like to have them in my gallery! Keep up with the good work guys, i'm enjoying the mobile game a lot!~~jacquelineramrez
Hmm I didn't find those exact descriptions but I found two lutari food items with r101s so I went ahead and changed Lutari Cocojuice & Rainbow Lutari Cone. So hopefully those are the ones you were referring to, if not let me know.

Hi! Thank you SO much for all of the lovely new Dyeworks items. Best batch yet in my opinion! I noticed that some of these (the new scattered light shower and rainbow petal shower Dyeworks mainly) don't show up in the static images on our userlookups or for the customization spotlight, like the originals do. Can this be fixed so that they show up in the static images?~~knightwriter2010
We are working on this now, our sister office's internet has been down all week so as soon as they are back online they can get the correct assets sent over ASAP!

*got no food, sorry* Hi Jade! I've noticed that items like the r93 Tomb Tales and the r99 Maractite Dimensional Trap have their official Estimated Values set to 0 NP which means that they won't stock in the main shops. Any insight on whether this can be fixed? Thanks!~~boren16
Oh wow you're right, I went ahead and had Donny set the price for tomb tales, as for Maracite Trap we'll have to confer with a programmer to make sure we aren't mistepping before changing the price so I will follow up on this next week!

Hi. Here's a minor thing for Donny's Corner: The item name "Eu de Negg" is misspelled. I think someone meant "Eau de Negg." :)~~_brainchild_
Hehe it was all an April Fool's joke, just kidding I went ahead and fixed that thanks for the heads up.

A story I wrote was recently published to the Neopian Times and I just wanted to thank you for it. Writing a story for the Neopian Times has been one of my dreams since I made my first Neopets account when I was seven. I wassn't confident in my writing abilities so I always just put it off. I've been struggling with depression for the last few years and I rarely feel happy anymore, but whenever I think of the story I published I feel overwhelmed with happiness. I just wanted to thank you for this. :)
YAY! We love new writers, keep writing till your heart's content my friend.

Hello TNT! Did Meridell Foods decide to close their doors one day and not tell anybody? Are they playing a joke on the entire Neopian population by keeping the shop up but keeping the doors locked? My pets and I would really like to visit but cannot seem to access it through the map! Could you possibly have a chat with the shop owner?
Hmmm we definitely do need to have a chat with the Shop owner and see what's going on! I'll follow up on this.

Donny's Corner: Donny has been dealing with a lot of internet issues this week so he only has one item to report: Grey Bouquet has been fixed!

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