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Apologies for the delay on issue 860, but without further a do here is the editorial for this week...

Hi! So for some weeks now, the Mystery Picture competition has been judged on Wednesday nights (around 9pm NST) instead of Thursday afternoons. However, the contest page itself has each time still said the contest would be open until Thursday. If this new judging schedule is expected to be a permanent change, do you think it would be possible to update the competition page to make it clear that submissions will only be open until Wednesday? Thanks!
Oh dear, thanks for pointing this out! Several of the weekly competitions are now being judged in our Bangalore office, as is this one. I guess noone realized it was supposed to be judged on Thursday NST. We're going to go back to judging Mystery Picture on Thursdays, only it will be done (very early) in the morning on Thursday NST here on.

Hi tnt! Back on March 9th y'all posted in the news that the Darigan Mallard Being released into the pool but I have yet to see it. Any idea when that might be activated? One of my pets has had a mallard for quite some time, haven't had the heart to remove the Mallard cause of how old she is but when I saw the darigan mallard I was super excited and could finally change the Mallard to a color I liked. Thank you in advance for reading this!
You can come back to the Petpet Puddle on Wednesday to finally paint your Mallard Darigan.

Hi TNT! Is there any chance that the content department can add an eventide or a white Naleap to the Petpet Puddle in the near future?
I just sent a paper plane over to the person in charge of this, loaded with freshly baked cookies you didn't give us. So hopefully, it will be done.

Why had the Faerie Dust retired from the NC mall? The other crafting items are in the mall and aren't crafting quests still awarded randomly all year long where you would need that material?
The Faerie Dust is back in the NC Mall and yes, crafting quests appear randomly all year long.

Hi! A poll was held from March 4 til March 18, 2019 on the NCC regarding the users's wishes for the next batch of Dyeworks (Spring 2019 edition). During this time, 130 users have come together and expressed their wishes (3 items max. per user) and opinions. 158 items were suggested, 105 items once only. Please find hereunder the final tally (only including items that have received 5/+ votes). 20/+ votes: Fancy Floral Tea Wig : 24 Long Charming Grey Wig : 24 Dark Lace Dress : 22 Flowering Vine String Lights : 20 10/+ votes Lace Curtain Garland : 18 Armin Collectors Contacts : 12 Scattered Light Shower : 12 5/+ votes Rainbow Petal Shower : 9 Ornamental Lake with Goldies : 7 Dusty Pink Lamps : 6 Fancy Sparkles Shower : 6 Glow of Goodness : 5 Radiant Sunflower Arbour : 5 All the data is available on : http://www.neopets.com/~Geme I hope this will be useful. Thank you for your time and have a nice day! :-)
Thank you! We've been watching the results, and we have the next batch of Dyeworks items planned accordingly.

Hi, Jade. I appreciate the efforts the team has been making to hear us and fix things. We all get impatient for fixes but the progress is noticed and very encouraging. // I know it would be very tricky or near impossible to allow us to change our pet's names, but would it be possible for us to change which letters are capped/uncapped? URLs don't seem to be case sensitive so I'm hopeful this could be done, as I know it would make people happy to be able to make that slight adjustment on their pets. Thank you!
Unfortunately, changing the capitalization in pet names is nearly as complicated as changing the entire name.

Donny's Corner: Fixed the archives glitch from NT.

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