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Hey there Hi there! Welcome to the Sidekicks & Partners collab edition! Celebrating all the amazing duos in Neopia who have shown excellent or on the rocks friendships. Be it ice caves or deserts, jungles or arcades? These duos fill our history with some pretty amazing stuff. A special thank you to parody_ham for to continuing the tradition to make these amazing collab editions happen, you are very appreciated in this Neopian Times community.

Be sure to visit Lyra and Lost Heirloom plot as it is coming to a close very soon.So be sure to finish your achievements if you were hoping to do so. And with that, let's jump into this editorial which was brought to you by hardtotame.

Hi Scrappalicious (and all the rest!) You guys have such amazing, incredible, extraordinary shopkeepers all over the site!!! Like the Ruki in the Second-Hand Shoppe, the mustached kacheek of the General Store and the super snazzy Kyrii of The Music Shop...just to name some ultra awesome ones that come to mind!!! Could you ask the artwork team and the guardian of the plushies to please, please, please consider turning some of these ultra cool shopkeeps into plushies for us plushie lovers, plushie enthusiasts, and plushie collectors!?!? THANKS!!! Loves to the entire TNT Team! 'Specially Donny! ;-)~~sweetneopine
Oooh, why not?!!

Hello TNT, I was wondering if the Gamemaster AAA avatar is going to be awarded every year at the Daily Dare from now on, or was it just an one time thing last year? I was wondering as I have done every DD since I joined but couldn't do last years' for several reasons and would love for that avatar to be awarded every year. Thanks~~witfer
Fret not, the Gamesmaster AAA avatar is making a comeback as an annual avatar.

Lately the Editorial has been filled with requests for fixes, but this takes away from all the other questions that could have been answered instead. It's been a year since I've been collecting requests for zone changes on my petpage /~Ereza. Maybe Donny can pick one or two items from there every week instead? The players that requested those items to be listed have been waiting patiently for a staff member to take a look, so it would be really appreciated!~~degenius
Ah, glad you brought that up. About those fixes, Donny has been working on a special project that will help him power through zone changes. Something about the current process being way too cumbersome and even making some of the older items unfixable without their source files… Well, we’re just hoping he can do some mass fixes once his 'zone changer' is finally ready!

Will the storytelling competition ever get updated? It's been over a month since the introduction has been published.~~xiaolin10413
Unfortunately that is no exaggeration! We will be back on schedule next week.

I did the math, and the daily bank interest seems to be off. When dividing the yearly interest by 356 (or even 357) the daily value was lower by more then a few neopoints (even though the interest says it's rounded up...). I even checked if the yearly interest was right, and it was. Is this a mistake? Thanks for looking into it, and for the great work with the site!~~undertown13
Hey undertown13, a year is 365 days, even in Neopia! ;)

Hi TNT! Can you make a wearable pink lipstick and burgundy lipstick, please I need it for my pets so bad!~~greyfever
This is certainly possible! As always, though, you’ll have to be patient - it may take a month or three to actually release these items.

Could you guys please fix the newly released petpet "Royal Scarabug". When I try to search for it on the shop wizard it acts like the item doesn't exist.~~get_recognized
Fixed. Thanks, Donny!

I saw that you guys were thinking about new pet colours. I've always liked the idea of an outer space themed paint brush. Just a thought.~~bigmac12345845
I’m afraid you’re a little too late. The new pet colours have been decided and the models are well underway... You can expect to see the new paintbrush poll out soon(TM)!

The Snow Swabby has been activated, but now it's showing up for 60 dubloons at Little Nippers. Donny, help! Keep that painted petpet out of there!~~drzoidberg
Don’t worry, Donny swept that Swabby right out of there!

By coolness284 Tomos: Just to let you know, before you charge at me -- I'm armed with a baby paint brush.

Donny's Corner:

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