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Welcome to the Valentine Edition of the Neopian Times! Don't forget next week is the Sidekicks and Partners special edition so submit your best the more unique the better! Also please please don't forget your collaborators in your comments to the editor, no collabors left behind! This editorial is brought to you in collaboration with hardtotame!

Hi! Could you please do me a tiny little favor? Could you change the capitalization for Bottle Of Orange Sand to Bottle of Orange Sand (with lowercase "of") so it matches the other sands? That would be amazing! You guys rock so much! I appreciate all your hard work!~~princesspurplebear

Is it possible you could add some NP Valentine (( and anti-Valentine )) items? I was very disappointed when I saw the news and saw only the Valentine petpet. :( And PERHAPS some affordable Sparkling Juices?~~puffkins2000
We actually DO have a pretty cool NP Valentine wearable (have you seen the news today?) and an Anti-Valentine’s Day item as well. Pretty convenient, eh?

Hey, Scrappy. I was so excited when you announced that the prizes for Grumpy King Skarl had finally been released. But now I'm disappointed that NONE have been seen (AGAIN!). I've feeling déjà vu. TNT has said several times before the items were working but to no avail. Collectors have beem waiting for almost 7 years (items "released" in July 2012). Is this just a running joke in your office? or is there something seriously wrong with these items? Perhaps you could release the items in a different mannner...the wishing well?~~malphd
The Skarl Collectable Charm is now available the same way King Skarls Robe and King Skarl Erisim are available. If you can get those, it’s only a matter of time before you get this one.

hey guys, the spring petpet paint brush is so cute and would have a lot of potential as a Neopet color (as long as it's different than Woodland). think about it !!~~kitty02695
You’re in luck – the artists are just exploring ideas for new paintbrush colours, and we’ve asked them to add this to their list of ideas. Let’s see what comes of it.

Hello - Could you please forward this message to Donny for me? The Lit Candles on a Stream Foreground is currently zoned as a Background Item. Please rezone it appropriately!~~iareowl
Consider it done! (No really, it’s done.)

Hi guys, do you think I could ask Donny to look into the Drumset Foreground please? It won't appear on my poor little rocker Kau and it's breaking her heart D: Thank you!~~dark_lady_gray
Is it a baby Kau? This foreground isn’t available for babies, because the little darlings won’t even be visible behind those giant drums!

I want to start off by saying really great work with all of the nice new outfits that the artist have been putting out! I love them! I just have a couple of mane issues with a few items, namely the Dripping with Gold Jewelry and Jungle Girl Outfit, which both look amazing on a lot of pets, but my Xweetok's mane keeps getting in the way of seeing the full item. Would it be possible to add a ruff restriction to the two items? They're really lovely, but I don't think they're living up to their full potential. Thanks~~thegoddesofxweetok1
That ruff should no longer be a problem when your Xweetok wants to dress up!

Hi, the item Raiders Gloves doesn't show up on my Kacheek when worn. It looks like the same problem that happened with Paradise Glasses a while ago, can you please take a look into it? (Poor Kacheeks have been forgotten twice now) :(~~degenius
Your Kacheek should now be able to wear Raiders Gloves. The Paradise Glasses will take a little longer to fix, but we’re onto it.

Donny's Corner: Well this was an issue full of fixes so just look back up

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