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Greetings Neopians, let's just dive in! Today a new map of the Lost Desert has surfaced along with some very interesting new articles that reveal... well i'll just let you read and make your own deductions. In addition Neopets 19th Birthday is next week so of course we have some fun festivities planned so stay tuned. Neopia is a unique place to venture and make it a world of your own, and we just wanted to say thank you again for sticking by our side through thick and thin! You guys are an amazing community and without you there would be well...nothing! So have a great weekend everyone!

Hello :-) Just wondering if the Games Master Challenge will happen this year?~~elly36
Yes, it is indeed taking place this year! AAA & Abigail are super excited and can barely contain their readiness to game! Start practicing at... well all the games you just never know which ones will be picked this year!

I was looking at the item 'Lunch Tray' and thought one of the sides looked suspiciously like raspberries. Upon further inspection/magnification, I have deduced... That I still can't tell. Can you clear this up for me? My gallery may or may not be complete without it.~~giggzabit
This is a great question. So I went ahead and blew it up so I could analyze all the fine details, then I reffered to our handy Neo fruit guide we have here in office. Based on inspection and research I would deduce they are either Rasberries OR Bludberries. So I think it could be either one! What do you think?

Tombs Tales..I think you may have forgotten to activate this book announced 10/01...have a great day!~~twtkodiak
Oops you're totally right! I've gone ahead and activated that now! Thank you for the kind reminder and I hope you have a great day as well :)

Thank you for all the new spooky items we were able to obtain this year. Appreciate them. My Awakened pet, especially loves the hide n seek one. xD ~Username removed (it was eaten by meepit)
XD love the ending had to include!

I know this was already said last week but I too LOOOOOOOVE those Black Button Contacts!! aLtHoUgH... they don't seem to be tradable via Gift Boxes at the moment so I've got no way to trade for them and I NEED them for my pets, they're so amazing *.*~~bearbearpaw
Hmm how curious. I tested this based on your question. And I was able to successfully trade it using a Basic Gift Box and then sent it to Scrappy and she got it. So not sure what could be the issue here, but if you continue to have problems please send a ticket over to support.

Trying to balance everything in life like..

Donny's Corner:

Donny...says that he has no comment at this time and that when he has successfully fixed something he will let us know...Jeez a little hostile if you ask me..Maybe some of these fixes aren't as "easy" as we think...Anyways that's the last time I knock on the workshop door at night.

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