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Hey TNT! So I spun Trudy's surprise the other day and got my weekly prize, a Beach Chair, but noticed that there's already an item called a Beach Chair. Just thought I should give you guys a heads up, so it's not confusing for Neopians searching for a Beach Chair!~~yoshisislandbandit
Oh dear! Nothing to worry about now, as Trudy's Surprise will only give out Comfy Beach Chairs henceforth.

Hi thar. Are you aware of the account pound_release? Can you either confirm or deny any plans on reactivating its purpose? Think of all those poor Neopets in limbo! :c ~gothmetalhead
Neopets are continuously released into the pound from this account, but the frequency has been rather low. Since our users were asking, we increased the frequency so that they are released more frequently now.

Hey there! I hope y'all have recuperated from all the Neopian Halloween festivities! It seems that Jhuidah is back to brewing up Cooking Pot recipes for curious Neopians. I'm happy to see that she is also divulging a few hints about long unsolved ingredients. I was wondering if she might whisper some clues about Flower Shaped Sand and Star Shaped Sand into your ears? Not that I'm biased or anything! glances surreptitiously at Sand Gallery Thank you!~~fullonparanoid
glances surreptitiously at Jhuidah and whispers Ummm... You should take a break from trying for those two recipes, because there is no way to get those two items as of now. We'll be sure to let you know if that changes.

OMGOMGOMGOMG *B*CANNOT BREATHE*B* SOOOOOO thrillified with those Black Button Contacts from the Haunted Mansion!!!! :-D :-D :-D Just- EEEEEEEEEEEE!!! -no tags here-3 THANK YOU!~~sweetneopine
It was one of my favourites to make too! So glad we all have a dark and eccentric sense of style!

Item : Brown Goate The ultra fashionable disguise for your Neopet. I know it is listed as a toy.... but should it not be a wearable? especially with that description... hands out whole pumpkin pies to ALL the tnt staff...~~ gray_wolf_1976
Scarfs down personal pie...Anywho I looked into this item and yes i definitely agree it is quite a cool beard and one would assume it is a wearable. Sadly it looks like this item was made before customisation even existed. This dawns back to the old days before clothes...whatta time. So sadly it cannot be put on your pets, but we are looking to add some cool new facial hair very soon so stay on the lookout.

Lookin' back on Halloween like...

Donny's Corner:
Seems like the workshop is under construction and they need to fix themselves before they can fix anything again so....we'll come back next week and see if they've got anything for us.

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