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And we're back! A few announcements: As you know It's the month of Gathering, which means we are on the precipice of so many awesome events. A very special Faerie is in need of some help, so she is thinking up some epic quests for you take part in. We have nearly finished planning most of the Halloween's spooky festivities and goodies to match! November will be full of all new adventures for you to experience, and lastly we have been working on Advent details for quite some time. That's about it for now! Thanks again for reading this lovely publication you all so proudly publish!

Hi TNT! Can we store our PB clothes in our SDB please? They take too much space in our closet~~_gizmo_stern_
A programmer is scheduled to start work on an option to remove PB clothes from closets very soon. Right now, it looks like we'll only be able to provide an option to delete them, but we'll have more information once the work actually begins.

Out of curiosity, was the brightvale event scripted to fail, or was it a community challenge that we didn't do well enough at?~~redherochild
It was up to Magon to tweak his portals based on the results of your trials, but it didn't look like he was trying too hard now, did it? In any case, It's certainly not your fault that he didn't succeed.

Hi Scrappy! I've been an avid NCer for years now and I don't expect this to be answered, but could you please, please, please consider asking the consumers what they want to see in dyeworks releases? You would make so much more profit if you asked us what type of colours we'd love to see, or even a voting system! Like PB colours!~~lychae
I would love to do this. I'll see what I can do. Loic is pretty particular about what he allows in his shop, but I think if we slide him a suggestion box he might take kindly...If and only if the ideas are BRILLIANT!

If I submitted an entry to Neopian Times before the Comic Con, should I resubmit or It's safe in the void right now? ~~nnpower888
The Neopian Times void struggle is really real. I apologise for the lack of NT lately. We've had several short weeks here at HQ trying to keep our heads above water. So whenever we have a short week there is no Neopian Times. Hence why there have been several weeks missed. So yes to answer your question go ahead and resubmit it won't hurt. I'm still combing through a lot of unread issues so it may still be there, but I am not opposed to re-submitting after a long period of time. My apologies for the delay, I should be back on track in no time.

Oh WOW, that new Candy Draik colour is AMAZING! I just wanted to say good job, the art team is really nailing the new colours lately!~~sandyposs
Thank you so much for your kind words. It really means a lot. Day in and day out our artists are cranking out beautiful and not so intentionally beautiful things for this wonderful world. Without them we would be nothing...literally (spins into void of endless wonder)

Donny's Corner: For Donny's corner, the lottery avatar was fixed and retroactively awarded to all eligible accounts

Also- Fixed Charity Corner inventory perk to allow blocked functions in expanded inventories

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