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We are back for another Neopian Times, this time we've got a special collab issue: Magic & Curses!! To keep you guys updated here are a few announcements from HQ. Right now we are finishing up Summer we are planning on doing somehting special for Brightvale celebration so keep your binoculars at the ready. In addition we are planning some mini events, more map releases to be mobile and html5, and of course bug fixes. We are looking at a crazy Fall schedule so hold onto your trousers everyone!

Heyo! If you ever find it possible to speak with the meepits, could you perhaps ask them this question about the rad new premium perk?? So we can use the Species Changes one time per year, but does this mean once at any point within the current year, or does it specifically time twelves months before becoming available again? Just trying to plan accordingly :) Thank you so much in advance and thanks you so much always for keeping the site fresh!~~wavent

It's once every 365 days. So if you changed your Chomby into say a Lupe today on the 17th of August you could come back next year on that exact day and change your species again unless you decide to wait longer than a year then it will take whatever your new date is. So if you waited until December 30th, that would be your new yearly date. Hope this clears things up a bit.

O great NT Editor, how many cookies and pizzas will it take to get some afro-style wigs (similar to the Disco Lutari Wig) that are species-friendly? The only other wigs that come close are the Altador Cup wigs, but those don't exactly have the most... "natural" colors. Thank you!~~bwgreen13

You don't have to get me anything, I'm with you on this! I'll be sure to try create some myself and ask some of the artists as well! We need more curls in this world!

I was unable to look at ANY of the comics in Issue 836 of the Neopian Times! I clicked on one and there was that little icon in the left hand corner that means the page loaded and that there IS a picture but that it wouldn't load. So I refresh the page. No change. I refresh again and again. No dice. Maybe it was just that one comic? I go to a different one but none of them work. I hope other people have this problem and that it can be fixed because if it's just me and I never get to see another comic I'll be so sad!! ~~purplehotdog

Apologise for that confusion. We had an upload error with our image server so I was able to fix it and get those up and posted. Please feel free to go back and take a gander at those wonderful submissions :)

Hey folks. I've been playing on this site for 12 years now and in the meantime I ended up with a post grad on game development. One of the hardest things on massive multiplayer games such as Neopets is keeping the economy sustainable. I see you guys are releasing lots of avatars for collectible items which is a great step for taking some neopoints out of the economy and thus, lowering inflation. So I wanted to congratulate the team for your efforts on making the site more enjoyable for all the players. Thank you!~~i_am__i

Thanks for being such a long time resident that's amazing!! Yes we take the economy very seriously here at HQ and we want to do what we can to keep it supported. We want to release more avies in the future so keep your eye out. ;)

Donny's Corner: Seems like the some of the workers are in too deep this week and are kind of drowning right now. We asked them what was new this week and they responded with some awkward hurmphs and gurgles. So not really sure what that means. But we will keep checking back with them to see if anything gets fixed for next week.

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Neopian Spells: who, what, where, why and how?
Spells are powerful things, though not to be confused for spelling (although the correct spelling in casting spells is usually a requirement, some terrible fates have befallen Neopians who have accidentally spelled something wrong whilst casting their spell – for example the poor Lupe who was trying to make a new aisle in his shop and accidentally created a small isle to appear off the coast of Meridell), so both spells and spelling are powerful tools and can be misused in the wrong hands.

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Danner leaned on his desk and rubbed his temples, hoping to coax his blasting headache away. A tiny trail of steam from a piping hot cup of tea wafted slowly toward his head, imparting a most metallic and bitter scent. He did not particularly enjoy tea, let alone this mauled abomination that the castle's potion-master had brewed for him, but it did work for its intended purpose, presumably.

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Justine smiled brightly as she surveyed her sewing room. It was immaculate. Not only was it immaculate, but it was filled with only the finest equipment and materials available. She shrugged the bag on her shoulder off and sat it down on her table next to her sewing machine. She pulled out the pattern she had just bought and sat it down on the table. She had promised herself that she would finish this dress before morning, and she wasn’t ready to break her promise to herself.

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Beware of witches who use Sloth's recipes.

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