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Hello fellow readers, Announcements include: The final round of The Altador Cup tournament will begin on the 26th! In addition to that we have also integrated a new Captcha system to prevent any lookie lews and naysayers from ruining the authenticity of the games. So with that enjoy the articles, stories and comics from this week :)

Hey you guys! I was just wondering, do you ever think that one day in the future, you could host polls or a place to submit ideas as to what wearables and what nc items we'd like to see next? My friends and I have loads upon loads of ideas for new clothes for our neopet friends and we'd like to see them come to life someday!~~ wolfycries104
We love hearing from you guys, you have such unique and creative perspectives so I think this is definitely something we can do.

Hey Scrappy! I was thinking, as the dyeworks re-release capsules were such a success - it'd be pretty cool if we could have a wonderclaw re-release capsule in the future! Much like dyeworks, there are probably a whole whack of items newer users missed out on. I'd personally love the chance to obtain some I traded away long, long ago. Thanks! :)~~ mexxyyy
Hmmm I will look into this and see if it's possible. So consider it looked into!

Hi there!! I just wanted to say that I'm loving the increased communication between TNT and the playerbase lately. Having been a part of many online games and communities, I strongly believe it's one of the most effective ways of keeping users happy and committed to the site, and it's so great that you guys are making us feel like our voices are being heard! It's hard to please everyone, but you guys always try your best and I know I'm not the only one who appreciates that. Thank you!! ^_^ ~unbridledlove
We love talking to you all as well! We want to cultivate a community full of warmth, communication and cookies..oh wait cookies?…umm yeah cookies ¯_(ツ)_/¯ because why not.

*sees there are new summer Dyeworks* that's nice. *sees dyeworks potion bundles* YES! so NT Editor Queen, I think this idea for bundles came about last year from some users, I think. But I believe it might have been for GBCs so will we see the bundles treatment for GBCs too in the near future? *wraps it in a satin bow tie*~~perduco
Ohhh I love that title NT Editor Queen it's neutral it could be either editor, the mystery continues..But anyways that's a fabulous idea!! I will pitch it to the team!!

Hey all! *extends hand and pretends to steal your nose* I bought an altador pass which I thought would be for the whole run, the items were awesome but it seems the "knee high heister boots" are being sketchy about showing up in my closet. Just mine or is this a job for Donny?~~sparky97662
What? Not my nose, how could you!? Lol. So strange, yes I see what you're talking about this. I will amend this ASAP! You have my word.

Greetings! I come with a humble request on behalf of an old, unreleased Petpet. After browsing through the depths of Jellyneo, an interesting Petpet caught my eye, going by nothing more than the name "krawkpet_12". It's a stout, spunky looking mushroom fellow with a remarkably affable and warm look in its eyes. I've shown this Petpet to users offsite and we all seem to be in agreement that this perky little lad deserves a chance! There are many fascinating items left to gather dust in Neopian servers, but I and many others agree that this guy should be in the loving care of an owner, just like every other Petpet. Won't you give this fungus a shot? Thank you!~~ shiin0tic
OMG! He totally is adorable!!! Just doing the basic look around I'm not seeing him. I will attempt to do some deep diving, but at the moment he isn't hiding in any obvious places :(

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