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Hey friends, quick note for everyone! As you may have noticed, Dyeworks has released today with some all new summer fun items! Along with those, we have released some new Potion Bundles for you guys to dye endlessly at a discount! Check out the 5, 10 and 20 packs in the NC Mall now!

Hello Scrappy, I wonder if you can tell us when is the best time so we can start to submit for Issue 850? Also, it is allowed to submit more than one produce? Thank you! ~dinha_reeves
So, lets do this by issues in case the weeks get changed or anything like that! You can start submitting after Issue 840 is published and please have ALL submissions in by the time Issue 847 is published. Also, no you can only submit one piece for each issue, submitting more than one for Issue 850 will in no way raise your chances to get in.

Hi! So the last time the Neocam was online was 2007 (over 10 years now).. Are you guys thinking about activating it again? It's such a great feature and I would love to see few TNT members live!
Alright, so we have definitely talked about this once or twice over the past few months! I am DYING to get the Neocam back up and running! With us picking up and moving TNT Headquarters it got kinda crazy but I will see if we can get that back up and running!

Hello! I was reading over the editorial questions from last week, and I was a little confused. Are we allowed to make as many accounts as we want? I had thought there was a 5 account (4 side accounts & 1 main account) limit. Has that changed? Thank-you!
Yes, so there's been some confusion swirling around here the past few days. So, TNT is going to have one of our infamous round table meetings (obviously, snacks included) and decide on this next week. Tune into the next editorial to have a final decision on how many accounts you can have! For those who have been told you can have 10 and are now worried about getting in trouble, don't worry we will wait until making a decision and letting you all know before we take any actions here!

Can you tell us if TNT plan to add any more levels to Ghoul Catchers? There’s a whole page dedicated to stamps only achievable by completing each world but so far there are only 6 worlds and I don’t think any have been added for about 3 years. Thanks!
Soooo, we have LOTS of new and exciting updates coming to Ghoul Catchers very very soon! More levels are definitely in the future!

Hey guys! *tosses corn dogs* Is the Lonely Garden Path Background supposed to be a no-trade item or not? I got one from the Trading Post but it's saying in my inventory that it's a no-trade item. I didn't know it beforehand and I'm a bit worried! I thought it would be a proper transferable item because the previous Overpowered items (Bridge to the Orchard BG, Falling Leaves Shirt, Starry Bedroom Canopy) are as well! Could it please be a transferable one too? *Puppyblew eyes*
*dodges flying food* bleh...those are not for me but I guess I'll answer this anyways. Well, simply put there was a little mix up...very sorry about that! However, we have updated all the exclusive items awarded from Overpowered so they can be sold and traded!

Donny's Corner:

This weeks Donny's Corner is short but sweet for ya!!

Pretty Flowers Foreground and Picket Fence Foreground are now wearable, and restock in Ugga Shinies.

Borovan Day T-Shirt is now wearable

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