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1. Alright, alright friends...I've heard you all loud and clear and we are going to change the Caption Contest avatar situation! New deal, the new avatar will be given out each contest to the golden prize winners and the old will remain a little more rare. Those who won gold in our last contest will be receiving the new avatar, as well!

2. Beauty Contest Rule Change: From now on, once you have won a nice shiny Gold Trophy you can no longer enter that same image again. Time to show just how creative you can be and change it up a bit! This change is officially going into effect today!

Hello there! I have a question about the Charity Corner 2018 avatar. On The Daily Neopets the solution says it was awarded to those who earned over 100 points during the event, but Jellyneo says it was awarded to those who donated 100 times or more. Can you please clarify? ~xxfallensnowangelxx
Yes so the Charity Corner avatar was given out based on the amount of times you donated, not the amount of points you received. Hope that clears it up for ya!!

Hi, TNT! I have a small, but urgent, request to make. Can you make it so that our PIN is required for any part of the site that we can customize with coding? For instance, shop descriptions, petpages, pet lookups, galleries, etc. Us players have been wanting this extra security for years. Thanks for publishing this question!
Interesting request, security is of course one of our biggest concerns and if you want an extra layer of security then we will do our best to make that happen! TNT had a quick discussion on this today (with snacks, obviously) and we will definitely look into adding your PIN to the customizable pages of your account, such as the ones you mentioned! I will report back ASAP with updates on when you can expect this new layer of security!

Hi Scrappy! When a wearable is released and it seems it was put in the wrong zone, like a dress in the Jacket zone is it possible to send a ticket and have it changed? Or is it unlikely that it will get changed after the item has been released? If it can be changed, does it have to be new items or can older ones be changed too?
Yes absolutely! We definitely don't want any wearables to be zoned incorrectly. Let us know whenever you see one (old or new) and we will be sure to zone it correctly!

Is there any chance soon that users will be able to buy more pet spots on their accounts? I know Neopets are a big responsibility, but I desperately want the big family I've dreamed of for years, and I know I'd personally pay all the NC in the world to get it! ^^
Neopets are indeed quite a large responsibility! We wanted to test the waters and see how you all did when adding another member to the family but I'm excited to say I've been happily surprised! Most of you have done remarkable jobs and we hope to allow you to continue growing your Neopian families in the near future!!

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