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*hands out cookies* I noticed that "Water korbat plushie" isn't capitalized properly and it's really getting on my nerves, is there any way you could use your magic powers to get it fixed? Thanks for everything you do! ~stormcloake
Your wish is my command, my friend! It is fixed for ya!!

My dearest and loveliest Scrappy, I must say that I see a lot of "it's on our list!" and "it's coming soon!" in the editorial. While I am sure my fellow Neopians are excited to see our favorite things are on the list for a return - or a first time return..er...you get what I mean - I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to kind of be aware of an order! Is it possible to tell us the top 5 things you guys are working on right now and we can expect to see in 2018? I'm desperate for data, here, my cookie-loving friend. Throw a vampire a bone? ISONEOFTHEMKEYQUESTCOUGH? :) ~vampire_bloodraven
So, I'm glad that you brought this up! We were going over Battledome in particular and looking at certain possibilities to add/fix when we decided, why not just get your opinions on it??
To do this, sometime early next we are going to release some sort of a survey so you guys can vote on your top priorities and we can move froward from there! We want to get you guys more involved and this seems like a good way to do it!!

Hi there! *Wafts freshly-baked white-chocolate-chip cookies around* First of all, the new paint brush colours are AMAZING! All of them! And... that's kind of the problem. They're all so good, and so many of us would hate for any of them to be scrapped. Is there any way whatsoever we might be able to have all four colours? Please? They're SO good!! Thank you ^_^
WELL, I'm not sure we can hand out all 4 butttt I think there's a good chance you will see more than one in the future!

1st and foremost I love everything all of what the Neopets family does. I have played since just about when Neopets launched. I lost my original account and created my current one. When customization started I was head over heels. It is now my obsession. My indispensable accessory for my xweetok has been my Golden Key Necklace. It hides her mane so I can admire and appreciate the tops of the gorgeous gowns, and see the amazing shirts she wears. Question: why are there no neopoint necklaces that hide manes and why are there so few necklaces that hide manes?
This one is hard, if it were up to me I would hide the mane for every necklace but we get a lot of mixed reviews on that. Since lots of Neopians love to show off all their fluffy ruffs we can't always hide them! However, I will try to release more necklaces that hide the mane to give a good balance!!

Hi Sparky! So. I know the faeries are really busy and have more important things to be doing, and it's not that I don't appreciate all the work they're doing to keep Neopia safe, but I was wondering... could they spare any faeries, or possibly even a Neopet, to tend the Hidden Tower? After all, the funds it collects could help fund the wraith fighting efforts AND the weapons they sell there could help arms our citizens!
Sparky? Whose Sparky? *looks to other TNT members* Are you Sparky? *points to random Kougra walking on the street* What about him, is he Sparky? Well anyways, I guess I will answer this for a certain "Sparky", Don't you worry! The Hidden Tower might be down and out but I have on good authority it will be back up in all its glory soon!!

Hey, Scrappy! *offers some fresh donuts* So, I had a premium perk idea (or even something that could be applied for everybody!). Is there a chance we could ever see a discount day for NC (as in buying the cash)? Especially since we pay for premium, what if we get like 10-20% off our NC purchase as a perk?
Hm, well I always love a good sale! Maybe we can add a special one for everyone at some point soon! I'll speak to our NC Purchasing guru (I'll warn ya, he's a stickler) and I will do my best!!

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