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Hello everyone!! First and foremost, TNT would love to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!! We hope you enjoyed your Holiday as much as we did (which means with lotssssss of food)! However, we are so stoked to be back and get Y20 going!!!

Hi! I was published in last week's Christmas edition of the NT. Thanks for choosing my story! I was just wondering, will we still be getting special prizes for being published in special editions? Thanks! ~navygreengolf
Yes! Everyone should have received or will receive them today! Sorry for the delay to all you lovely Neopians that made it in the issue!!

Hi there! I was just wondering about the Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsules. Say someone hoarded a bunch of capsules. When the next set of DW items become retired (the winter ones that were just released), will they be an option to receive from the Mystery Capsules, or will it only be items up to the point that the Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsules were first released? Thank you! :)
Welllll, I'd say that someone is out of luck. Sadly, the only items inside the magical capsule are the ones that were retired when it released! These newly released ones won't be available again for a longggggg time so get 'em while you can!

Hi TNT,I must ask you a question that has been bothering me for over 6years now. Assuming I am not the only one but how can we gain access to the island in Krawk Islands that has a massive sign "KEEP OUT". Is that island only accessible to premium players who bought over 1000Neocash, only TNT members or has the purpose of that island been forgotten and won't have any in the future? ~profs_isaac
You don't want to go there! I went there once....and there are some things you just can't unsee. It was madness and I suggest you stay far, far away....

Ever since the Day of Giving and the Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaway, I have not seen any new updates on the New Features page, even as fan sites like Jellyneo assure me that new things are still going on in the world of Neopia. Are there difficulties in Neopia blocking these updates, or is it my own computer which is at fault? ~jara_hamee
We all need some time away, even TNT! We spent some time on the slopes of Terror Mountain and the beaches of Mystery Island! It was quite the holiday season but we are back up and running now and the news has been updated all week!! Go check out everything going on in Neopia in this wonderful new year!

Hiya Scrappy! *tosses cookies* Any hints on what some of the other ultra-rare mystery capsules for the future might be? Maybe something like MME's *hint hint nudge nudge*
My oh my have I gotten lots of questions like this! Re-releasing MME's would be absolutely chaos!!
*devilish grin slowly spreads on Scrappys face* Well, I guess we will have to wait and see!!!

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