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Alright guys, a lots going on here so here's the deal. The one was kinda thrown off since we published it later in the month and we still wanted everyone to vote. SO, Sunday will be last day for submissions! Cut off will be Noon PST. Then the voting will remain open for the rest of July and winners will be announced.

Now, from now on that is not how things will be going. From August forward, we will release a new image on the 1st of every month. Submissions will be allowed the first week (7 days) in every month. Then the captions will be released and voting will be open for the last three weeks of each month! I know I know this is an avatar round but I'm also going to make an Avatar round every 10 contests so it will be about once a year! (Also I might add a special one in whenever I'm feeling generous)

Also, so all of you Neopians can take a breather...I'm making August an Avatar round as well so those that felt cheated in this round have a fair chance of winning...don't waste it :)

Also, Caption Contest will be monthly instead of weekly! Now, as for the rules - they are remaining the same as previous Caption Contest's, for the most part. This means the only advertising that will be allowed from this moment forward is through your Neoboard Signature. (Yes on any board, not just the charter board) However, NO BOARDS DEDICATED TO ADVERTISING YOUR CAPTION ARE ALLOWED. The monitors have been informed of this rule, so please keep the advertising strictly to your signature!

Okay friends, I thinks that all I have on that. Love you all, remember to breath. All will be okay :)

Hi there, Scrappy! *rolls in a wheelbarrow of cookies* I was wondering if, with all the new things scheduled on Neo, there will be any more MMEs in the NC Mall? The excitement of the ever changing MMEs was what got me into NC in the first place, and I'd love to see them return. So, any plans? Thankies! ~chavo_guerrero
There will be indeed :) The next one is currently in the works and will be released in September!! Also, it's a GREAT one :) not that they all aren't great....they are...but this is the greatest!

Just wondering ... How many Neopoints does it cost to buy a copy of the Neopian Times? I mean, the Weewoo who deliver them have to collect a fee, right? ~rurirawr
Actually, nope none at all. This is free for the world to see. You know, i only spend hours and hours slaving over this every week to make it great for everyone. But hey, why not just give it out for free? *Scrappy walks away in a bitter rage*

^representation of my feelings not of Scrappy herself....

Hi! Could I get clarification for something you said in Editorial last week (#789). Is it really OK to switch mains for a week and then switch back like the question and answer suggests? For now, it's been that you can switch your main account, but then you stick with it. Switching back and forth frequently has always been nono. I can see people abusing this if you can just go change it for a week. This week this is my main account and next week I change to this one and then again back. Thank you for answer!
Okay, there's been a couple questions about this. In no way did I say you can switch back and forth weekly. Yes, if you want to switch a main to a side then it can be done. My answer was a simple how-to on the correct way to switch. I get with that question how it could have been confusing. HOWEVER, switching accounts should not be done lightly or to abuse the site. Our monitors will find you...and they will freeze you....
So with that in mind, happy switching :)

Dear editor, why does the Neolodge have a maximum stay of 28 days? Why not 30 or 31 or higher?
Well because that would not be fair to all the pets patiently waiting for their stay :) Hard to believe, but Neolodge has a longggg waiting list! Sharing is caring, friends :)

First, quick note about the Premium Sale, this will be released within the next few days! We had to work out some small things buttttt it's comingggg!!

Second, I got a couple questions about the Prepaid Cards. So, they should be working fine right now! However, there might be a couple that are still affected. If you have any problems send me or our support team (preferably support team) your NC Card Pin Number and date of redemption and we will fix that right up for ya :) Thank you everyone for your inquiries and patience, we are definitely doing our best to clear this issue up and fast as possible!

Lastly, the Collab Issue "In The Sky" is coming up! Since we missed a week of NT (Sorry, sorry), the issue will now be Issue 794 instead of 795. It will still be the week of August 18th. So try to finish sending in those submissions ASAP! I'm very much looking forward to it :)

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