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Hello! *Hands out a tray of Space Faerie Donuts* I hear that usually there is a Premium sale in the summer as part of the NC Mall birthday celebration. I have been waiting anxiously for it, but nothing yet... can we expect a sale on Premium subscriptions soon? Thanks!
*finishes donuts* Oh, uh...were these meant for everyone? Whoops! Well, indeed there will be a premium sale! Yes, it is a little later than usual but we will keep it running for a little longer so you guys have plenty of time to renew your subscriptions!

Hiya Scrappy! I just have to say that when I see your name I think of scrappy doo from scooby doo LOL xD My question to you is, have you guys and gals ever thought about upping the pet slot limit?? like instead of 4 pets on each account, 5 if you have premium have you thought of maybe changing it to say maybe 5 per account 6 if you have premium? Im a kougra fan and would love to add to my family but space :/ ~burberry_londonn
Hm, how odd I never thought that....not once.....
We have thought about it. We've thought long and hard if you guys would be responsible enough to take on another pet. But how many of those would end up at the pound? How many would not receive the attention and care they deserve? However, I've been seeing a lot of positive signs lately sooooo we just might have to reconsider.

Hi, Scrappy. Does TNT plan to release any new hidden tower or cove items? Thanks! ~m0nster_rancher
We do, indeed!!

I bought a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie on a side but have no gift boxes to transfer it my main. Am I allowed to temporarily switch what account I use as my main so I can use it, including temporarily transferring my battle pet over (to train it)? ~mystical_magic__42
Yes, so you can "switch" accounts (which is confusing because there's no automatic switch you actually flick) by stop all your normal main account activity on your current main account. So basically, don't do anything where you receive Neopoints or other disallowed things for a few days. Then, you can start on your new main account!

Hi TNT! For Altador Cup, I am wondering if the 'flagged' status will carry onto next year's AC or will flagged users get a reset during next year's AC? ~xx__bubblez
Great question, so I've been getting this question a lot andddd we have decided to grant you all a fresh start! Anyone who was flagged this year will not remain flagged for next year's Cup. Welcome to your clean slate!

Hi again *underhand tosses cheopple* I have an article planned to send into The Neopian Times. If I draw a companion art piece, can I include it in my article somehow? Thanks! ~welikedots
So if you want it as your thumbnail for the article then include the URL in the comments. However, if you would like it somewhere within the article itself then just add the URL where you want it and I'll add it in :)

Hi. I'm thinking about Issue 800. Would it increase my chances if I submitted multiple different pieces, intended for the 800th, with the possibility of one piece chosen for the 800th? Just wondering. ~ _brainchild_
Nope, not one bit.

*throws medium-rare steak* Hey Scrappy! I have a quick question--for a looong time on Neopets, TNT has never been particularly engaged with its playerbase; have you guys been pushing for more player-staff communication recently?
Hiya! I'm not sure if it was a spoken thing but we just want to engage with you guys more and for you to know that we're here and we hear you! Neopets is so special and we don't want you guys to feel like we don't love it and all of you because we DEFINITELY do!!

Hey Scrappy! *cookies of chocolate and banana RAIN FROM THE SKY* you can give a spoiler or hint about the new event is coming? Please please... *give more cookies* Thanks :D ~ caraotico
Hm, raining from the sky you say? How odd....

I was wondering if there will be any new updates to some of the NC Mall games or if it's kinda it on these games?
YES! There definitely will be (and hopefully a lot more from now on)! One is actually going to be released pretty soon! Although I can't tell ya which game yet :)

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